WATCH: Raitt Asks About Risks To Canadian Troops In Mali, Trudeau Attacks Harper Government Instead

Trudeau is putting his selfish ego and UN virtue-signalling ahead of the safety of Canadian troops by sending them on the most dangerous ‘peacekeeping’ mission in the world.

In Question Period, Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt asked Justin Trudeau for answers on his decision to send Canadian military personnel to the dangerous nation of Mali.

Mali is the most dangerous UN ‘peacekeeping’ mission on earth, as the nation is wracked by civil war and constant violence. Roméo Dallaire has said he “wouldn’t touch Mali with a 10 foot pole,” and he certainly has experience when it comes to dangerous UN-commanded missions in Africa.

So, Lisa Raitt was asking the questions that all Canadians want to know: Why are our troops being sent to Mali, and what is the risk? Raitt very clearly asked Trudeau to explain how many Canadian forces personnel are projected to be lost in Mali. Yet, instead of answering, Justin Trudeau pathetically dodged the question and attacked the Harper government instead.

Watch Trudeau’s ‘answer’ below:


A horrendous answer

Trudeau’s answer would be bad enough if it was a deflection on a typical political issue. But this is about the lives and safety of Canadian troops. Trudeau owes Canadians answers. Instead, he hypocritically brought up ‘openness,’ while dodging the question and trying to blame the previous Harper government. He even showed his true colours by making some virtue-signalling statements about the UN rather than addressing the danger about to be faced by brave Canadian citizens.

For Trudeau, a chance to show off in front of the UN seems to be more important than the safety of our troops and being transparent with Canadians. Yet, if he can’t answer these questions, he has no business sitting in the Prime Minister’s Office – something more and more Canadians are realizing.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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