HILARIOUS: MPs Laugh At Infrastructure Minister After He ‘Answers’ Question On $180 BILLION Infrastructure Plan By Mentioning “Purchase Of 20 Buses”

“How much does that work out to per bus?” asks Pierre Poilievre.

There was a bit of a funny moment in Question Period, as Trudeau’s Minister of Infrastructure Amarjeet Sohi gave an unintentionally hilarious answer to a question about infrastructure.

After a report by the Parliamentary Budget Officer revealed that the Trudeau government has no plan for how they are spending money in the over $180 BILLION infrastructure program, they have faced demands for real answers.

So, Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre asked Sohi what the governments plan was. Sohi’s reply? He talked about Halifax getting 20 buses.

As you can imagine, that probably doesn’t add up to $180 billion, and after having a good laugh, Poilievre asked Sohi “how much does that work out to per bus?”

Watch the hilarious exchange below:

If that’s the best the government can do to explain how they’re spending $180 billion, our national infrastructure is in serious trouble.

And yet, while it is a serious issue, sometimes the incompetence is so massive that you just have to laugh.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Voss

Purchasing buses for cities is not a federal responsibility according to our Constitution as is most of the other money targeted for ‘infrastructure’. The basis for federal pork-barrel politics that the Conservatives have also willingly participated in.


We dont even understand half of what Sohi is saying. How could he be an MP, it beats me! And he keeps on going with the buses as if he did not understand the question. Sohi misses the whole point.


In all the footage I have watched from parliament in the last couple of years, I have YET to hear ANY answer to ANY question. I think the record was 19 – pm was asked same questions 19 times and always gave scripted non response – his ministers follow his leading

Brian Dougan

That’s exactly nine hundred million dollars/bus. ($900,000,000). Don’t forget; this is the government speaking. They spend thousands on a hammer–why not multi-millions per bus? I know that it’s a joke…but I wouldn’t put it past these idiots.

Bill Millar

Sorry, it is 9 BILLION/bus.

Wendy Lush

Then it must be a bargain!

Dennis Martens

A bus only costs about 400,000


$9 Billion per bus.
Bombardier will be on that like stink on guano.

Dennis Martens

I worked for New Flyers Ltd in Winnipeg, average bus with air conditioner,front lift for wheelchair axcess is about 400,000 per bus,so roughly about 12 million for 20 bus’s,with fare box computers fully loaded ,not no 180 billion must be made of gold

William Jones

Well, ya just gotta enjoy the obvious — a Minister of the Government totally unable to give an answer to a very simple question and still blaming Harper.