The Trudeau Government Will Use National ‘Systemic Racism’ Consultations To Demonize And Divide Canadians

As Trudeau’s poll numbers sink and he becomes more and more desperate, expect him to keep doubling down on the culture war and trying to further divide Canadians.

The Trudeau government is planning nation-wide ‘consultations’ on ‘systemic racism,’ in what is clearly an attempt by a desperate government to launch a new effort to demonize and divide the Canadian people.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, “Ottawa is set to launch pan-Canadian consultations on racism, a topic that has stirred controversy and divisions across the country in recent months. The exact form and nature of the consultations is still being developed in the Department of Canadian Heritage and has yet to be unveiled to the public. Still, the government said it wants to create a new strategy to counter “systemic racism” and religious discrimination.”

Maxime Bernier summed it up well:

While a discussion of racism can certainly be had in a constructive way, the Trudeau government has shown no willingness to do so.

Instead, Trudeau has doubled down on social justice warrior culture war tactics, demonizing Canadians who disagree with him as “islamophobic” and “bigoted.” Trudeau even called the Conservatives “islamophobic” when they opposed his ISIS “reintegration” plan, which is not only offensive to the millions of Canadians who support the Conservatives, but is also offensive to all those who have been victimized by ISIS – including many Muslims.

Since taking power Trudeau has repeatedly shown that he sees any criticism of Islam as “Islamophobia,” failing to realize that being free to criticize ideas and faiths is part of being Canadian, and no faith – including Islam – should be exempt from our ability to criticize and question.

Of course, that’s not how Trudeau sees it, and we know the consultations will be a sham. After a certain while pretending to listen, the Trudeau government will announce that their consultations show tons of systemic racism everywhere, and new legislation – which limits freedom of speech and puts more power in the hands of the politicians – will be enacted.

Then, Trudeau will try to smear the critics of that legislation as “racist,” “bigoted,” and “islamophobic,” and will try to further silence dissent in Canada.

It’s exactly what the government has been pushing towards – including with M-103 – for some time now, and it’s clear that Trudeau is more than willing to demonize and split the Canadian people if he thinks it will help him hold on to power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

Turdeau and his bobble head Govt are like an unwanted Plague that has, hit Canada

Timothy Hickey

A Real Majority of Canadians are a lot smarter than Justin thinks we are! We have had enough of Liberal Democracy and the push to the lowest common denominators of socialism/communism, and Canadians have this and all other partisan governments figured out! Canadians will gain VICTORY at the ballot boxes of the Nation in 2019! A Real Majority of Canadians, who will be represented in the House of Commons in the next Parliament of Canada, will put an end to governments that rule with minority agendas! There will be 338 Non-Partisan Candidate, one who will STAND for Election in every… Read more »

Ron Voss

First of all, a waste of time as there is no systemic racism in Canada. To suggest that is a gross insult to Canadians! Secondly, anybody with a brain in his head understands that Islam is not a race. No widespread Islamophobia (whatever that means) either, which is why they have to try to manufacture evidence of the same like the fake scissor cutting incident.


Trudeau is out of his mind with his sytemic racism which will cost loads of money for NOTHING. The Liberals are concentrating on the wrong agenda. The anti-semitism is the issue at hand and has to be taken seriously. The effort has to be focused on that ONLY and MAINLY. Religious discrimination is not an important part of the federal government responsibilities. Now Trudeau wants to play the role of vigilante. Can someone remove him from this office. He has no clue as to what a PM is supposed to do.What is important is the economy, trade and economy. That… Read more »

Dave Bainard

He don’t have the balls to bring his ‘consultations’ to small town Alberta.

Edward Roger Peebles

How Long can this farce go on , PM.Trudeau has already violated the theme of the Canadian Constitution and Has shown that he cannot Govern anything , I for one have lost all Confidence in his Government . Put this to a vote ASAP!

Edward Roger Peebles

Major Tom

Every time Justin opens his mouth…..he reveals himself as a lethargic bobblehead….
Some movement… substance………

Dan Costello

There is a great sickness at the heart of this government. Utilizing the department of heritage to vilify, demean, devalue and disparage Canadians for opposing tyranny is a sick joke! I sure hope that dept is permanently closed when the Conservatives win in 2019

Elizabeth Thorne

To all Canadians I say “Keep on the sunny side, our time is coming and there will be no liberal left standing in 2019, and the sun will come up tomorrow.” No unicorns but our glass will be half full.


I admire your optimism and pray you are right. Then the hard work of turning the country around. I don’t think a minority government will do. You are right, the Conservatives will need a comfortable majority which means Ontario and a good portion of Quebec. Both provinces have significant illegals now. Turdo will ensure they can vote. The Scheer team looks impressive. Can they win the youth vote and is there a centre Liberal voter block remaining that will come over to save Canada?


typical liberal politics…the party of division..the narrative fueled by the main stream media


Again if we had an honourable media and not a communist controlled Liberal/NDP/Bloc/separatist media and Canadians in charge, instead of foreigners from outside Canada and in, this would be front page news, thank you Spencer again. We must stay calm, they need us out of control, so they can squash us, and silence us, even more, so they can force their agendas on us, an excuse to control and gain even more power. New Canadians, many from countries this has already happened in, know what happens, and do not want to try to live through this again, so we need… Read more »


Why does Trudeau hate the Canadian way of life that has worked so well for this country. He’s hell bent on destroying the unity that binds us all.


I’m more concerned that the Liberals will use these so-called consultations to create a new law enforcement arm that intrudes into private affairs of all aspects of life in Canada, to look for the new crime of not adhering to multiculturalism. Not enough members of a racial minority on the board of a private company? A small group of Muslim students are not being befriended at school by non-Muslims? A Thai restaurant is not getting enough white customers? A Chinese restaurant shutters its doors due to a lack of income? These new social crimes, as we have seen from the… Read more »


When government unfairly favours one group over another in society, this acts to divide people. Government needs to quit playing identity politics and quit implementing laws, motions, and policy that pits one group over another. People will more freely associate with whom they wish to when these dividing walls are not artificially constructed by the social engineers. We will be a much more cohesive society as a result rather than a fractured society that has been increasing under this current government.