WATCH: Trudeau’s Gun Bill Raises Concerns About “Regulations That Will Further Criminalize Law-Abiding Firearms Owners Without Doing Anything About Public Safety” Says Defence Lawyer

Bill C-71 shows Trudeau Liberals obsession with regulation instead of dealing with real crime problems.

With many people stating that the Trudeau Liberals are moving towards bringing back the gun registry by stealth, there are a growing number of concerns about Bill C-71.

During an interview, defence lawyer Solomon Friedman discussed his concerns about the legislation. Watch below:

Friedman’s concerns are well worth noting.

“Criminalizing law-abiding firearms owners” is exactly the approach the Liberals have long taken towards Canadian gun-owners.

Even as illegal guns stream across our weakly protected border with the United States, the Trudeau government refuses to strengthen our border, and are weakening the justice system.

Meanwhile, they impose more regulations on those who have already shown that they are responsible and are following the law, while criminals go unpunished.

Bill C-71 also follows in the wake of news that Justin Trudeau “verbally attacked” the chair of the Liberal Rural Caucus when he brought up concerns about the legislation before it was presented.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t bode well for Trudeau listening to concerns about C-71. If he was willing to shout down an MP in his own party, he clearly won’t listen to Friedman and others who are worried about Trudeau’s gun legislation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Major Tom

It would take a Liberal to register law abiding gun owners and NOT register members of Transnational Organized Crime, Islamic Jihad, Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, Street Gangs and illegal aliens. Go figure………………….

Norbert Kausen

It is the reprehensible communist liberal way… they are not interested in the security of Canadians. We are not big enough or important enough to be on their agrnda radar. Theirs is purely cynical politicizing, it always has been and it always will be! What we can hope for is Canafians coming together, unifying from the 2nd of April on, and protest marching to protect our rights and freedoms AND to get BACK the onnes the disgraceful liberals have hijacked from us!!! We must keep up the pressure… increase the pressure, demanding his resignation and the dissolution of his government!!!… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

….police state… is what I was attempting to write!

Dennis R Young

WHAT GOODALE’S ‘GUNS AND GANGS SUMMIT’ MISSED ALL TOGETHER • Little real evidence that Canada’s gun control programs are working • No Value-for-Money Audits – No Cost/Effectiveness Evaluations in the last 25 years! By Dennis R. Young, Canada Free Press – March 20, 2018 LIBERAL’S GUN CONTROL REGIME STILL MISSING THE REAL TARGET! Laws control law-abiding gun owners but those too dangerous to own firearms, not so much. By Dennis R. Young – March 6, 2017 CANADA FREE PRESS: WHAT DO THE LIBERAL’S MEAN WHEN THEY SAY EVIDENCE-BASED’ GUN CONTROL POLICIES? Canada’s Gun Control Regime (C-17 & C-68)… Read more »


This is just one step in a series of steps the government would like to take to eliminate guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens. They want to make it more and more difficult to obtain guns. They are attempting to brainwash the public that guns are not needed and dangerous except in the hands of the police and military. They are peddling fear. This may take a couple of generations to achieve, but make no mistake, the Liberals are salivating over the idea of a gun-free society.