#ProtectingButts: Report Says Liberal MPs Call Top Trudeau Advisor “Prime Minister Butts” Behind The Scenes

Members of the Liberal Caucus seem to be getting fed up with Butts, who once compared Trudeau’s political opponents to Nazis.

According to a report by Toronto Sun columnist Anthony Furey, members of the Liberal Caucus are increasingly fed up with the high profile and excessive influence of Trudeau advisor Gerald Butts.

Writes Furey, “The man is Gerald Butts, Trudeau’s principal secretary. While his title may sound like he’s the chief coffee boy, make no mistake — he’s the head honcho. A former senior advisor to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, he’s referred to as PM Butts by many Liberal caucus members. This undemocratic dynamic has been known to political watchers since day one but has managed to stay as an inside baseball story. Until now. In recent months, Butts has been drawing his own attention in a way that’s bound to make him a greater liability for the PM moving forward.”

Furey notes that there is a theory that Butts was behind the idea of sending Trudeau’s national security advisor to tell the media that the Jaspal Atwal invite was a conspiracy by the government of India.

Butts also garnered attention for despicably calling critics of Trudeau’s “peoplekind” remark ‘Nazis.’

Gerald Butts Tweet

Trudeau must be held accountable

While Butts is certainly a bad influence – he was the architect of many of the policies that are having a horrible impact in Ontario – Trudeau is ultimately responsible.

Trudeau could get rid of Butts at any moment, and if he had any strength of character or honesty he would keep his promise to empower MPs, instead of letting an un-elected advisor take so much power and dictate what MPs must do.

We can’t let Trudeau get away with shifting blame anywhere – even within his own staff. Plus, if he is so weak as to have had his power usurped by somebody else, then it just adds to the massive amount of evidence showing he has no business being in the Prime Minister’s chair.

Trudeau’s MPs must also hold him accountable, as their first duty must be to their country and their constituents, not propping up an unfit Prime Minister.

If they really have such serious concerns about Butts, they need to start speaking out publicly against him and against Trudeau. If they fail to do that, they only confirm their own Trudeau-style weakness and add to the reasons they need to be defeated in 2019.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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