FALLING FAST: Chart Shows Investment Collapse Under Trudeau Government

Carbon taxes and increasingly burdensome regulations imposed by the Trudeau government have caused a collapse of investment into Canada.

A chart based upon Statistics Canada data shared by the Conservatives shows the full extent of the investment collapse under the Trudeau government.

The chart can be seen below:

Opportunity Leaving Canada Chart

As we can see, foreign direct investment into Canada had been increasingly steadily under the Harper government since the 2008 financial crisis.

Yet, after reaching nearly $80 billion under the Harper government in 2015, once Trudeau was elected it fell to under $50 billion in 2016, and fell even further to under $40 billion in 2017.

Worst of all, this investment decline is not being replaced by increasing investment within Canada, as our domestic economy is weakening as well.

This is a direct result of the policies being imposed by the Trudeau government, including the escalating carbon tax, and burdensome regulations – such as more and more uncertainty surrounding energy sector project approvals.

Another factor behind the investment collapse is the fact that the Trudeau government has shown themselves to beĀ  more interested in virtue-signalling than they are in dealing with increasing economic competition from our neighbours to the south.

So, many businesses look at Canada and then look at the US, and are seeing more opportunity in the US. Added to that is the uncertainty created by the overall attitude of the Trudeau government, who seem to be actively discouraging the growth of the Canadian economy by imposing the kind of policies that have caused so much damage in Ontario – making everything more expensive and reducing the opportunity for businesses to succeed and expand.

This investment collapse means billions less that could have been used to lower taxes, strengthen infrastructure, build up our military, improve healthcare, and many other things. Instead, because of Trudeau’s policies, all of that potential is lost.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Don Taylor

Turdeau is trying to destroy our as fast as possible,I said that as soon as he was elected,like father,like son,but I would say justine hasn’t that his father so he has to depend on people like George Soros, or Gerald Butts

Don Taylor

hasn’t the brains that his father had


Well, Justin did say the economy will take care of itself, or some such rot. Some of us have known from the start the boy ruling our nation is more interested in playing nicey nice and doing costume changes, than he is with supporting people and biz, other than govt entities, to have good-earning jobs and to expand to create new jobs. As anyone who has never had to struggle to get what they want or strive to improve his way in life, justie baby appears to have no interest. Only paper tigers interest him, and that’s what we’ve got.… Read more »

Ben Eby

Isn’t the financial and social collapse of Canada, the perfect scenario, for the pathetic Marxist DIMWIT, we have selected as our PM?

Wendy Lush

Hey don’t worry, peoplekind, “the budget will balance itself”. Pass the joint JT, love and peace bro.

This country is finished.

Eric Blair

Something tells me that even Thomas Mulcair would have run this country better than Trudeau has up to now and we all known how NDP provincial government have worked out haven’t we. At least Tom isn’t immature.


I have gradually moved my investments out of Canada in hopes of protecting funds I need for retirement. Cannabis, cobalt, lithium and some Canadian Bank stock are still Canadian based, but much has moved to the US, SE Asia, and China. I can see no benefit to any Trudeau Carbon Tax as just a few minutes of searching shows that climate always changes and there isn’t a damn thing we can do. We can reduce pollution but have no influence on climate. This is evident with the total lack of effect the Ontario, Alberta and BC carbon taxes have had… Read more »