SAD & PREDICTABLE: Liberals Try Playing The “I’m Offended” Card To Distract From Trudeau’s India Trip Disaster

When the Trudeau Liberals are on the defensive, they start accusing their opponents of being “offensive.”

The Trudeau government is doing everything they can to distract from Justin’s disastrous trip to India.

They’ve thrown the public service under the bus, pushed the national security advisor to spread a conspiracy theory blaming India, and now they’re playing one of the most predictable cards in the Trudeau Liberal deck:

Accusing opponents of being offensive.

In the House of Commons, Liberal MP Ruby Sahota said she was “incredibly offended” to hear a Conservative MP call Justin Trudeau’s outfits during his India trip “costumes.” Watch Sahota’s predictable comments below:

Of course, costume is a word often used by official institutions to refer to the ways various groups express identity through dress, as in the use of the term “national costumes.”

Additionally, Justin Trudeau’s clothing choices were heavily criticized by people within India, many of whom felt Trudeau was pandering and condescending.

So, what are seeing is a predictable, and sad attempt by the Trudeau Liberals to try and put the Conservatives on the defensive and distract from Trudeau’s lack of accountability and seeming cover-up surrounding the conspiracy theory spread after his trip.

People can see past these tactics, and we can see that the Trudeau Liberals will be ramping up these sad attacks on their opponents the more desperate they get.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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