VIDEO: Scheer Rejects Identity Politics, Says Government Shouldn’t “Play One Type Of Canadian Off Against The Other”

Scheer proposes agenda that focuses on maximizing the freedom of Canadians, a stark contrast from Trudeau’s divisive big-government approach.

In excerpts of a speech shared on Twitter, Andrew Scheer described his vision for the role of government, and offered a clear contrast from Justin Trudeau.

While the Trudeau government has sought to ruthlessly inflame racial and cultural divisions for their own selfish benefit, Scheer said Conservatives “want a government that doesn’t play one type of Canadian off against the other.”

Scheer also said “Conservatives want freedom that lets the free market work, that keeps taxes and spending under control,” and “opportunity, so that everyone can get ahead.”

Through his remarks, Scheer is outlining a broad vision of how a new Conservative government would act in office, placing trust back in the hands of individuals and families – trusting the Canadian people instead of expanding the power of the government.

Of course, articulating a vision and staying true to a vision are very different things, and if Scheer wins in 2019 (and for Canada’s sake we all hope he does), he will need to be held accountable for making good on his promises.

That said, Scheer’s rejection of identity politics is great to see, as it establishes him as the only leader who is standing against the disturbing trend being pushed by both Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh.

Trudeau and Singh are seeking to downplay Canadian identity, pander endlessly, and use divisive tactics to weaken national unity and turn Canada into a nation of factions battling for scraps from an all-powerful state.

The next campaign is shaping up to be a battle between an agenda of greater freedom & national unity under the Conservatives, or more anger, division, and national weakness under Trudeau/Singh.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter