AVOIDANCE: Bergen Asks About India Conspiracy Theory, Trudeau Pathetically Tries Deflecting Attention Onto Scheer

Trudeau is desperate to avoid questions about the India conspiracy theory, and is trying to pin responsibility on everybody except himself.

It looks like Justin Trudeau has picked the latest scapegoat for the fallout from his India trip.

Andrew Scheer.

Having exhausted the mileage he got out of blaming India, and then blaming his blaming of India on the public service, Trudeau is now blaming his blaming of the public service for blaming India on Andrew Scheer.

In Question Period, Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen asked Justin Trudeau whether he was aware that National Security Advisor Daniel Jean would be telling the media about the conspiracy theory pinning Jaspal Atwal’s invite on India.

Instead of answering the question, Trudeau tried to shift the focus on Andrew Scheer.

Watch the exchange below:

Pathetic avoidance and deception from Trudeau

Here’s why Trudeau’s attempt to shift the focus onto Andrew Scheer is so pathetic and deceptive.

First of all, if Andrew Scheer was given a classified briefing, he wouldn’t be able to talk about what he was told in the briefing.

So, if he was told that the government was making it all up and there was no India conspiracy, Scheer would just be forced to say that he can’t talk about the info he received. That would help Trudeau, as it would make it seem like the government was telling the truth, and Scheer would be restricted by law from talking about it.

That means the “invite” to a classified briefing is a trap.

Secondly, the Trudeau government already sent Jean out to brief the media, so for Trudeau to argue that Jean can’t testify is a disgrace, and it is a total deception.

Once again, Trudeau is doing everything possible to avoid taking responsibility for the disaster that was his India trip, and he’s desperately searching for anyone else to take the fall.

That may be a sign of many things, but leadership and character isn’t one of them.

Spencer Fernando

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Tim Chapman

Well at least he’s graduated to blaming a future Prime Minister rather than a previous one.

Elizabeth Thorne

Smug, racists, that is what we have running this country. 2019 hopefully 184 Liberals will no longer have a job. We the people will fire every last one of them. The divide and conquer days will soon be over.


Trudeau or Gerald Butts or both must be Bolshevism. With all the Lieberals as dedicated followers or they would cross the floor and demand honesty and stand with the Conservatives. Shame on them, the traitors.




Canadians aren’t falling for Trudeau’s excuses. Why would a public disclosure by his own cabinet member be later considered classified? Is Turdeau admitting his cabinet member lied, or had no clue how Atwal got the invite? Why would he have said anything under either circumstance and why not allow him to give a public reason, thereby ensuring Canadians aren’t being deceived by this stupid prime minister and his stupid yes men?

Clive Edwards

Maybe the boy Turdeau spent too much time in his younger days snorting cocaine with his dad and mom. That pre-supposes he ever had a brain to fry.

Elizabeth Moorhouse

We are not wondering WHY the opposition is refusing to play YOUR Petty politics! We are wondering WHY you are still sitting as Prime minister? You are a criminal, and Traitor to the country!! That is what Canadians want to know!!

Jill Ward

according to Bergen in a recent interview , she said during a discussion at a table in Parliament, she was confronting trudeau on numerous things and he got up on the table and walked over to her, looking down on her and said “do you have something to say to me??! Can you imagine a grown man who is supposed to be PRIME MINISTER climbing onto a table , walking across is and glaring down at a opposition M.P. in an attempt to intimidate as he does with his own party and everyone who questions,criticizes, confronts him?? Time to get… Read more »


Trudeau has surpassed even my expectations on just how terrible he is as PM! It seems that each week it’s another serious scandal that brings doubt about his honesty and integrity. What the matter Justin? Can’t blame Harper anymore, so you have to blame Scheer? The only Canadians who actually support you are vapid dimwits and the mentally ill. Justin Trudeau is an absolute disgrace as PM and I personally believe has long ago crossed the line and committed treason against Canada and put the lives, safety, and security or Canadians at serious risk. Andrew Scheer for Prime Minister in… Read more »

chris malmstrom

he has NEVER answered a question in the House … such a waste of taxpayers money. This piece of crap should be tried for treason for the atrocities he’s caused the people of Canada!