BUDGET FAILS TO BALANCE ITSELF: Under Trudeau Government, Federal Market Debt Is Now Over $1 TRILLION

And there’s no end in sight to the increasing red ink.

The Trudeau government was handed a balanced budget. And though they promised budget deficits, those deficits were supposed to be small and temporary. After all, Justin Trudeau assured Canadians that “the budget would balance itself.”

Instead, we have red ink as far as the eye can see, with deficits projected to continue for many decades.

Now, because of that surge in debt under the Trudeau government, Canada’s market debt has surpassed $1 trillion for the first time in Canadian history.

According to a CBC report, “Market debt is different from the federal debt and deficit figures, which are regularly presented to and debated by Canadians and reflect the federal government’s estimated total liabilities, or cash needs, and what must be borrowed from the markets. Think of market debt as something like a mortgage — or the balance on a line of credit.”

Kevin Page – the Former Parliamentary Budget Officer – says, “It’s debt that generates interest. And Canadians will be surprised at how fast interest on the public debt is going to grow over the next five years.”

In a sign of the continuing explosion of debt under Trudeau, the total market debt is set to increase from $1.029 trillion in 2017-2018, to $1.066 trillion in 2018-2019.

As noted by Page, “We’re a $2-trillion economy. So, to have at the federal level more than a trillion dollars of liabilities, most of which is market debt, it’s significant.”

Notably, Trudeau’s time in office has led to a surge in debt being accumulated by Crown corporations:

“Department of Finance figures show the debt of those agencies has risen by almost $40 billion — rising from $266.5 billion in 2015-16 to $305.7 billion in the current fiscal year. The last time spending on Crown corporations approached that level was under Paul Martin’s Liberal minority government of 2004-05.”

This means Trudeau’s broken deficits promise is even worse than it first appeared, since our debt is growing more rapidly than it once appeared behind the scenes – as Crown corporation debt is rarely discussed.

Economic fragility

Nassim Nicholas Taleb – one of the few people who foresaw the 2008 financial crisis – regularly points out that debt makes countries far more fragile when an economic crisis hits.

Meanwhile, reducing debt makes a country more resilient, and the Trudeau government had an opportunity to do exactly that. They were given a balanced budget and a stable economy, yet instead of being prudent and responsible they started spending our tax dollars with reckless abandon.

And despite all that spending, our economy is still slowing down, and the one area of spending that could have long-term benefits (infrastructure) has been far less than promised and is being constantly delayed.

So, we are now left with huge deficits, increased debt, slow growth, and an economy that will be far weaker in the case of a crisis.

Thanks Justin.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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He needs to be carried out of Parliament in a straight jacket,along with the rest of his cronies.

Wendy Lush

Don’t you mean handcuffs and leg irons?


Trudeau and his dictators, if he collapses the country and has us all fighting one another, divided we fall. Then he can declare total kayas and anarchy, and have the globalist/UN who ever he is the puppet for, come take us over. We are starting to have riots in the streets, (Quebec and Ontario) thanks to Lieberal policies, to my knowledge never before in Canada has it been like this. The Canadian foreign traitors needs to be stopped ASAP. I guess there is no way to stop him from spending our money to destroy Canada? Last year the interest on… Read more »

Party on

“The borrowing and spending binge by Canadian households, businesses and governments (all levels) continues unabated.

At the end of December, 2017 the total debt outstanding in Canada (bottom line of the Statistics Canada credit market summary data table) was $7.603 trillion. At the end of December, 2016 the total debt outstanding was $7.25 trillion. In the 1 year period from the end of December, 2016 to the end of December, 2017 it increased by $353.5 billion. This is an increase of 4.8%.”


Norbert Kausen

WHO are the mindless IMBECILES who voted this DISGRACE as prime minister???

Frank Fata

The fact that trudeau and his liberal friends in Ottawa are complete and utter incompetents, that’s bad enough. But the fact that there are people out there who have the same vote as all of us, who still support this junior light weight in an empty suit is hard to fathom. I mean seriously folks, can it get any worse than it has since junior took office, I sadly think it will. Hang on to your wallets, because these liberal cartoon characters are not done yet.


In addition to hanging on to our wallets, we need to start protecting our savings and investments. Remember, shortly after he was elected he brought in his Bail In legislation. Bail in allows failing banks to seize our money and give us shares in that failing Bank. I have divested some of my Canadian investments and picked up some offshore mutual funds. There are a couple of nice Chinese funds that have a decent return of about 15% and quite a number in SE Asia as well as India. With Canada failing it makes sense to keep a few months… Read more »

Wendy Lush

When Pierre Trudeau took office in 1968 Canada’s debt was $18 billion. When he left office in 1984, that debt stood at $200 billion.

Like father like son. Spending OPM (other people’s money) is so much fun. We’re doomed.

Ed R Peebles

This is the result of too many
FAIRY TALE Budgets !

Ed Peebles

Diana Barron

And as Canada heads full-speed for the crash that IS COMING, Jihadi Justine without a care in the world goes skipping and prancing off to another exhorbitant outrageously expensive vacation again. Let’s see, his 12th. this year? 13th? With full family and entourage, to ANOTHER exotic far away place where he and group can buy more costumes and video themselves dancing around in their fancy new plumage on the taxpayer dime. A bipolar mental case with no off switch.

Kristofer Saseniuk

Where in the name of God is all this money going? It’s not being spent on Canadians.

Ivan Hawkes

Justin GAVE AWAY MULTIPLES OF BILLIONS of Canadians hard earned money to foreign countries for ridiculous stupid reasons with no accountability or expectations. Justin GAVE AWAY MANY MILLIONS TO HIS OWN FOUNDATION. Justin GAVE AWAY many MILLIONS to the Clinton foundation. Justin GAVE AWAY many MILLIONS to the Agga Kahn foundation (one of the world’s richest people). Justin GAVE AWAY many MILLIONS to China to build oil pipe lines there (one of the world’s richest countries). Justin is irresponsible, reckless, and FOOLISH, to throw Canadians to the economic wolves while he imagines some kind of la la land fictional fantasy… Read more »


Trudeau is fundamentally changing our country. It was his goal. He is being sucessful…….Obama trained.