Conservatives Lead Trudeau Liberals 38% To 31% According To New Poll

Yet another public opinion survey shows the Trudeau Liberals losing the support of Canadians.

Justin Trudeau may have been hoping that his numbers would rebound after taking a hit following his India disaster.

It hasn’t turned out that way.

Instead, yet another poll shows Justin Trudeau’s Liberals falling behind the Conservatives. Here are some of the key Ipsos poll numbers:

The Liberals have fallen to third place in Ontario with 26%, while the Conservatives are at 42%, and the NDP at 27%.

The Conservatives have over 50% in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. As reported by Global News, Ipsos CEO Darrell Bricker called the prairies ‘a “dead zone” for the Liberals.”

The Liberals lead in just two regions – Quebec and Atlantic Canada. In Quebec, the Liberals have 40%, with the Conservatives in second at 22% and the NDP in third with 18%.

In Atlantic Canada, the Liberals have 47%, the Conservatives have 26%, and the NDP has 22%.

Bricker says Trudeau’s India trip “created a bit of a bursting of the dam,” with accumulated concern about the Trudeau government reaching a tipping point after Trudeau’s disastrous overseas excursion.

Illusion broken, but much more work to do.

What we are seeing is that the illusory image of Justin Trudeau has been broken for many Canadians. Rather than being seen as somehow ‘above’ politics, Trudeau is being judged on his actual policies and actions, and most Canadians don’t like what they see.

However, there is a long time until the next election, and we can expect the media to give Trudeau a boost and target the Conservatives as the election gets closer.

That’s why we need to keep telling Canadians about Trudeau’s dangerous agenda, and hold him accountable every chance we get. A few good polls can be a great sign, but the election is far away, and Trudeau can’t be given a chance to try and spin new deceptions without being challenged.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Jeff Dewe

Still too early to know, only something 28% of Canadians vote but if you poll people you would get almost a 100% return. So you can’t really tell plus Trudeau is stacking the votes with hi increase to immigration to 333,333,333 and fast tracking them to vote without id, It should be illegal not to vote with Id, I could go to different polling stations look down the list and say ‘yes that’s me’ and vote 20 times. Trudeau is a desperate man and his actions proves this.!!!


I never ever thought the east coasters would want to see Canada broken up, or is their media getting to them so slanted and they believe it? Or is it that John Crosbie closed their livelihoods down when Conservatives let foreign vessels fish cod but not them?

Ron Voss

What’s wrong with the 31%? Have they not been watching the news about the exploits of the disastrous Trudeau regime or are they on the public dole?

Jill Ward

Ron Voss, lol, exactly what I’ve been saying!!


The only reason Trudeau has kept Quebec and the East Coast provinces is most of the population get’s government “perks”. or better known as hand outs.

ROY ElsworthRoy

22 percent in Quebec for Conservatives thats Good and in second place all those other times they were third or fourth

Tommy Hawk

You are right

Tommy Hawk

The term ‘illusory image’ says it all. Unfortunately, all-to-many Canadians fell for the facade and now we are where w are because of the. He is about to alter our system of voting and one would be wise to suspect that under any ‘new’ rules he brings out it will ensure that 16-year-olds can vote, new immigrants (legal and illegal) will be allowed to vote and those whose faces are covered and have not valid I.D. will be allowed to vote, as well as ‘returning world traveler’s (formerly committed ISIS fighters who willfully turned their backs on Canadian citizenship —… Read more »

Jill Ward

Tommy Hawk,