Court Dismisses B.C. NDP Government Challenge To Trans Mountain Expansion

But the Horgan government isn’t planning to stop trying to block the important national project.

A federal court has rejected a bid by the B.C. NDP government to block the expansion of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline.

As noted by the CP, “The court also ordered B.C. to pay the legal costs.”

Unfortunately, the B.C. NDP plan to keep fighting the project – a position that hurts all Canadians:

“The provincial government has steadfastly assured administrative fairness, while we defend B.C.’s interests by insisting on high standards for environmental protection and First Nations consultations,” said B.C. Environment Minister George Heyman. “Our government will continue to explore other legal ways to defend the interests of British Columbians against this unnecessary project.”

Additionally, “B.C. Premier John Horgan has also asked for a legal ruling on whether his province can restrict increased amounts of oil from coming into B.C. while his government reviews oil-spill safety measures.”

Of course, the B.C. NDP are ignoring the fact that pipelines are by far the safest and most environmentally-friendly way to transport oil.

While the federal government has approved the project, they have faced significant criticism for their unwillingness to help ensure it gets approved.

The stark contrast between the zealous imposition of the carbon tax, and the hands off approach to the Trans Mountain expansion has exposed the true anti-Canadian attitude of the feds, and they appear content to let the expansion get held up in the courts.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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So given the court decision, I’m hoping that Alberta can now bring a massive lawsuit against the Horgan and perhaps the Trudeau governments. I’m suggesting in the billions of dollars. This gamesmanship between 2 NDP governments and a complacent and seemingly complicit federal govt has caused tremendous financial loss to Alberta and loss of confidence by industry investors who may otherwise have invested to create revenues for AB.


Divided we fall, again. I just wonder how the now owned Chinese oil companies are getting their oil to China, or is that why the Lieberal separatists need all the expensive tax paid vacations to China to tell them how slowly things are now working in Canada due to all the foreign charities fighting against what is left of our democracy, but soon we will be communist and he can put things through easily. They are gaining slowly, but picking up speed, since they are falling somewhat in the polls and have to destroy Canada before this term is up.


Bruce … my input … We all need to wake up and realize there is so much Free energy available – since 1945.. but kept from we the public, because those at the top need to reap the money from us, the workers. Do the research… So many more jobs available for us through means that would not descimate our world for future generations, our grandchildren. Also, why has the pipeline been built without full cooperation from all involved before they started to build. We cannot build a home or barn or shed without a permit…why a Pipeline? And how… Read more »