If Justin Trudeau Knew The National Security Advisor Was Going To Brief The Media, Then He’s Lying About Why He Can’t Testify. If He Didn’t Know, Then He’s Incompetent.

Which is why he can’t seem to bring himself to answer the question.

Justin Trudeau is trying to get everyone to focus on his ‘offer’ of a classified briefing for Andrew Scheer on the India conspiracy theory.

Of course, as I’ve pointed out, the ‘offer’ is a trap, since Scheer won’t be able to speak about what he’s told in the briefing, which would make it the perfect venue for the Trudeau government to admit that the India conspiracy theory is a total farce.

Yet, Trudeau’s ‘offer’ brings up an interesting truth:

If Justin Trudeau knew that National Security Advisor Daniel Jean was going to brief the media on the discredited conspiracy theory, then he’s lying about why Jean can’t testify. After all, if Trudeau is refusing to let Jean testify to elected Members of Parliament because he’s worried about classified info being released, then why would he have approved Jean speaking to the media about that exact same info?

Yet, if Trudeau didn’t know that Jean was going to speak to the media, it means that he is so incompetent that the government spread a discredited conspiracy – that severely damaged our relationship with a close ally – and garnered international attention, all without the Prime Minister being aware of it.

So, either Trudeau is lying, or he’s incompetent.

It’s even worse, since even if Trudeau didn’t approve of Jean talking to the media – which is highly unlikely – he still knows that it happened, so he’s lying now anyway.

As a result, Trudeau keeps repeatedly avoiding very simple questions. He refuses to offer proof of his conspiracy theory, he refuses to explain the contradictions between what his own MPs and Ministers have said and what he’s saying, and he refuses to say if he authorized Jean speaking to the media.

If – after the Atwal invite – Trudeau had simply admitted that it was a serious error, apologized, and taken full responsibility himself (as leaders are supposed to), this story would be over by now.

Instead, Trudeau and the PMO tried to cover it up, blame others, and avoid responsibility. Now, the fallout is much worse for Trudeau, and each attempt he makes to pin responsibility everywhere except on himself only confirms the increasing doubts millions of Canadians are feeling about Trudeau’s fitness for office.

Now, it seems many are reaching the conclusion that Trudeau is both the negative things referenced at the beginning of this article: An incompetent liar.

Spencer Fernando

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