WATCH: After Canada’s Federal Market Debt Surpasses $1 Trillion, Morneau Gets Grilled On Endless Deficits

MP Dan Albas points out that the Liberal debt can’t even be justified by a war, or a recession.

In the Standing Committee on Finance, Moneybags Morneau was grilled on why he refuses to even say “balanced budget,” and why he is running up massive amounts of debt – contrary to the Liberals campaign promises.

MP Dan Albas pointed out that the debt incurred by the Trudeau Liberals can’t even be justified by a war or a recession, and is instead related to an ideological choice by the Trudeau government to run large deficits.

Albas also spoke about a pensioner in his riding named Donna, who was worried about the debt that will be inherited by her grandchildren, and wrote a check to the federal government that she wants to see used to pay down the debt.

Watch Albas’ comments and Morneau’s response below:

Morneau’s remarks – unsurprisingly – were full of deception.

For him to say that the Trudeau Liberals economic plan is working is totally false. Instead, our debt has exploded, our economy is slowing down, and investment is collapsing.

Canada’s federal market debt has surpassed $1 trillion for the first time ever, something the Liberals are trying to downplay.

What’s so amazing is that all these economic troubles are public record, and Morneau obviously has access to the best data.

So, he is simply choosing to lie to Canadians about the results of the Liberals economic policies, hoping that his words will somehow obscure what we can see with our own eyes.

Canada’s economy is not doing well, and no amount of arrogant spin can change that fact.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Glen Runowski

I can’t stand to watch these smug privileged liars anymore, while they rape and dismantle our great country.


“The budget will balance itself” is bad enough, but there is a bigger problem. If the Bank of Canada would provide interest free loans for Canadian infrastructure spending as it should we wouldn’t be in the financial mess we are in today. However, the BOC was pimped out to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) (global bankers) in 1974 to lend us money at interest. According to economist Ellen Brown regarding the BOC: “By 2012, the government had paid C$1 trillion in interest [the the BIS]– twice its national debt. Interest on the debt is now the government’s single largest… Read more »

Don Taylor

The Liberals are trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes, but they can see and the people aren’t stupid,that is why he is going to be kicked out of office for continous lies he tells the people

Ed R Peebles

They (The Government) are all Liberal Liar’s !

Ed Peebles


A four year party with costumes to amuse Canadians and others around the world is very expensive, our travelling roadshow with clowns and lots of divisive rhetoric, more amusing for the well off, laughing at how stupid regular law abiding Canadians are being taken down and lied to. Who voted for this?


Morneau and Trudeau always say that “they continue” doing this and that, THEY ARE NOT EVEN DOING IT to start with. Morneau is talking about jobs, they are part-time jobs. Who can live on a part-time job income? Does anyone eat part-time. All the Liberals do is to say empty words.


The end for canada is very near. Lawlessness is ocurring within the justice system and in the liberal gov that are willing to watch their country fall for a one man justin ideology against their very own country.
So, whatever amount of monies the libs spend makes no difference to what is about to fall upon us which will be by far worse.

Jeff Dewe

Canada’s federal debt is $652 Billion where’s the other $348 billion of hidden debt?