DESPICABLE: Bill Morneau Calls Lisa Raitt A “Neanderthal”


Canada’s most unpopular cabinet minister Bill ‘Moneybags’ Morneau is facing massive criticism for his comments toward Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt during questions at the Standing Committee on Finance.

When Raitt referred to the 2018 Trudeau budget a “cynical political gesture” that was all about “buying votes,”a point many others have made considering the immense amount of virtue-signalling and absence of common-sense in the most recent budget – Morneau arrogantly referred to Raitt as a “neanderthal.” Watch the exchange below:

This is the height of the Trudeau government’s fake feminist hypocrisy.

A male politician says questions from a highly accomplished female deputy leader of a political party are “offensive,” and then calls her and others who question the Trudeau government “neanderthals” and says they need to be “dragged” towards the ‘correct’ policies.


We can literally see the arrogance and condescension emanating from Morneau, a privileged trust fund elitist who was handed everything in life.

Unsurprisingly, much of the media has failed to show this clip, using the tactic of omission to avoid what would be a terrible story for the Trudeau fake feminists.

As the Trudeau government’s poll numbers fall, much of the media will start giving an assist to Trudeau, even as the government gets more desperate and more angry and lashes out like Morneau did against Raitt.

So, help spread this video around far and wide, so people can see the attitude of this government exposed for what it really is.

Spencer Fernando

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Rick Churchill

Another of the “idle rich” who never had to work for anything in his life, Morneau has the arrogant attitude pervasive in the Liberal party and is certainly deserving of a place in his arrogant master’s Cabinet.


Most people originating from Europe have some neanderthol DNA, which they are telling us now is a good thing? Even if we know that moneybags is racially biased (hate speech) and is using this as an insult. Lisa Raitt is a much better politician with good Canadian ethics (unlike moneybags) and like all Canadians that love and want to protect Canada, she is fighting for us. Don’t let her leave us, we need her, let us all get out and vote Conservative, save our country, from these Canada hating globalists trying to collapse us.


This sounds like they really could care less what the population thinks. They will just force us to comply with their ideologies. Maybe it doesn’t matter anymore to them since it has been a rough ride lately and besides they already have bankrupted our country. Likely collected enough $$ from the coffers already and put in trust. Karma will hunt them down so they better enjoy it while they can. When you lie and cheat it always comes back to haunt you one day.

Don Taylor

the arrogance of these Liberals will make you want to vomit

Clive Edwards

Unless Morneau calls a transgendered, female, crippled, aboriginal person of colour a “Neanderthal he will most likely get away with it. If he did it while dancing a primitive jig while wearing a faux “Fred Flintstone” animal skin jump suit and taking selfies, he most definitely would get away with it.


Hopefully the Liberals will soon be a distance memory

Kevin F

Lisa Rait sliced, diced, shattered and skewered Bill Moron-eau with surgical precision, in two or three concise sentences. Bill Morneau pretends to be offended and calls Raitt a Neanderthal. Point, set, and match, Lisa Raitt!



Sandra Clark

The hypocrisy of Trudeau and the Liberal Party is absolutely astounding.


I’m not surprised to hear this about any Lieberal Party member. When a Lieberal gets caught in a lie or some illegal endevour they attack their accuser(s) with slurs.

This is just another example of why Canadians need to abolish the corrupt Lieberal Party.

Errol Judd

That’s rich coming from the unqualified, incompetent moron himself. Has he aswered the question as to when the budget will balance yet? Or is he still bumbling with B.S.? Morneau is an idiot!