HIDDEN: Government Using Loophole To Avoid Revealing Gifts Aga Khan Gave To Trudeau

It would be so easy for the Trudeau government to reveal what gifts the Aga Khan gave to the PM. They refuse to do so.

The Trudeau government is using an egregious ethics loophole to avoid telling Canadians what gifts the Aga Khan gave to Justin.

According to a recent report, “Trudeau’s office says he doesn’t have to tell Canadians about the Christmas gifts he and the Aga Khan exchanged because he told Canada’s ethics commissioner. However, the ethics commissioner’s office says information about those gifts won’t be listed in its public registry because Trudeau accepted an unacceptable gift from the Aga Khan.”

Absurdly, this means that because Justin Trudeau accepted a gift that violates ethics rules, he doesn’t have to disclose it, whereas if he accepted a gift that was allowed, he would have to disclose it.

It’s another example of how the rules are written to benefit those in power, who then take advantage of those rules while lecturing the rest of us.

After all, Canadians don’t get to avoid sharing ‘unacceptable’ information when the government demands it from us, yet they don’t hold themselves to the same standard.

As noted in the report, the previous Ethics Commissioner ruled that “the trip was an unacceptable gift because the Aga Khan had dealings with the federal government, and Trudeau’s relationship with him was not close enough to qualify as a friendship. Dawson’s report also revealed that Trudeau and his family exchanged gifts with the Aga Khan but did not disclose the nature or the value of the gifts.”

Despite all of this, Trudeau has faced no real punishment – not even a fine.

For all his talk of “openness” and “transparency,” Trudeau is more than willing to use any loophole or scheme to avoid accountability and avoid revealing the truth to Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Jeff Dewe

Since he was found guilty there should be records somewhere for the public eye too see, So when History is written people will know what went down, Usually when people break laws there is no gag order in place. Probably after the next election and we get a new Prime Minister next year they will open the books and change the laws. Really I think some laws should be in the constitution so they aren’t changed by governments of the day, Things like freedom of speech and being open in transparent in all levels of government within a just time… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

So, WHERE did this “hidden” loophole come from??? Funny how the Fiberals are so hot and bothered over things the Conservatives did, that were NOT illegal or highly, morally questionable, but it is alright for the Fiberals to do questionable, immoral and illegal things and they expect to get away with it! The Conservatives were not trying to destroy Canada, the Liberals ARE! It just goes to show how utterly morally bankrupt they truly are and how disgraceful! Their anti-firearms agenda and Bill C-71, have far more to do with what they are doing to Canada, than to “protect” Canadian… Read more »

chris malmstrom

He came from a family of “morally challenged” people. Everything he says or does is about himself and furthering the spotlight on being a global celebrity. He should NEVER need to answer questions, ANY question … especially those questions from mere taxpayers. Who are we to ask the “gods” why they do what they do? We are ants, and the only reason he allows us to exsist is that WE supply tax dollars so he can spend without care.