LOL: Trudeau Claims His Gift From The Aga Khan Was “An Overnight Bag”

How many people will believe that?

After reports that the government was using an ethics loophole to avoid saying what gifts the Aga Khan gave to Justin Trudeau, he is now claiming to reveal what he was given:

An overnight bag.

Uh huh.

Very believable…

If that is true, why has it taken such a long time for it to be revealed?

If that is true, why would the government have used an ethics loophole to avoid revealing it?

Notably, Trudeau has been refusing to respond to questions about the value of the gifts and “whether the Aga Khan gave gifts to other members of the Trudeau family.”

After so many lies, who can believe anything Trudeau says?

Not too many people will believe what Justin Trudeau is saying, and that’s because he hasn’t earned the benefit of the doubt.

If Trudeau had developed a reputation for telling the truth, then his words would be believable. Yet, at this very present moment, Trudeau is involved in what seems to be a desperate cover-up of his disastrous India trip, where lies, blame, and distractions are being thrown all over the place as he tries to avoid taking responsibility for his actions and his failures.

So, if he couldn’t tell the truth then, there’s no reason to believe him now.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Presuming that is true-dough, the next obvious question should be “What was in the bag ? “




Ya an overnight bag stuffed with cash.


… were his lips moving when he said “overnight bag” … ??

Thought so … !!


Maybe Justin is telling the truth. Maybe it was an overnight bag – but what was in it? For all we know, maybe it was stuffed with cash.


Overnight bag?? He couldn’t mean Stormy Daniels, could he?

Sorry, Mr. Dressup, but we don’t believe anything you say anymore. Too many lies and no transparency. With all his continual lying, his constant and continuing contempt for Canada and Canadians, his lack of transparency and his inability to respond with an answer that has anything at all to do with the question, Canadians have no choice but to make up what we think might be the truth.

He has made himself the clown of the political world.


What happened with his secret trip to Florida? Was there a secret meeting with his Cuban relatives?

Norbert Kausen

I categoricslly do NOT believe what he says…. I do not believe ANYTHING he says… he is a pathological liar and a mindless IMBECILE!!! His handlers make all his decisions for him and they are all globalist criminals!

Kevin F

Yes, the overnight bag Trudeau got from the Aga Khan was the size of a Ford Expedition, and it was filled with gold bars. Apparently there is a loophole in our ethics laws that allows those details to be omitted.


The next question is; How much USD does an “overnight bag” hold?

Pete Soucy

It’s nerve wracking just to think most Canadian in today’s workforce has to work one or more jobs to make ends meet to turn around and dish a big chunk to a leader who (in my opinion) evade every single question ask. Time to face REALITY before another power takes over.

Keep them coming Spencer. Again, thank’s for the hard work you share. Much appreciated.

Van Wyck

I second that!

Owners to give money to support his Janie_St_K

Maybe it WAS an overnight bag…..but was it empty? What was it filled with BEFORE twinkle boy emptied it? Was it his share of the money that he gave to the Agha Khan to help the poor billionaire dupe more Muslim to support his saffist lifestyle?


I see from previous comments people are asking the obvious question…… what was in the bag. LOL — this village idiot can not be trusted.


Right, an overnite bag probably filled with money.

Tim Rutkevich

That reminds me of Brown Envelop certain former PM received. I guess the stakes going higher now. From brown envelops to overnight bags.