NDP CHAOS: Charlie Angus Rips Jagmeet Singh For Punishing MP Who Voted Against Trudeau’s ‘Values Test’

Jagmeet Singh is facing yet another leadership crisis.

After tons of terrible attention over his ties to Khalistani groups and his willingness to attend events where some people proclaimed the virtues of ‘political violence,’ Jagmeet Singh has another mess on his hands.

NDP MP Charlie Angus – who finished second to Singh in the NDP leadership race – is ripping into Jagmeet Singh’s decision to punish MP David Christopherson after Christopherson voted his conscience in opposing the Trudeau Government’s Canada Summer Jobs ‘Values test.’

As reported by the Globe & Mail, Angus didn’t hold back:

“People are really stunned, because they don’t understand what the political agenda is by publicly attacking such a senior member of caucus,” Mr. Angus said in an interview. “It’s not how you treat someone who’s given so much of their life to the party and to building solidarity in the caucus. It shows a lack of respect.” Mr. Angus said the decision to remove Mr. Christopherson from committee “should be reversed immediately.” “People are saying, why was this done? And what’s going to be done to make it right?”

The story also points out that there are “concerns in the caucus about Mr. Singh’s handling of the issue of his attendance at a Sikh separatist rallly in 2015 and a panel discussion in 2016,” a clear sign that the issue is resonating beyond just one or two newscycles.

After Christopherson voted with the Conservatives to oppose the Trudeau Liberals widely-hated policy to force organizations to sign statements adhering to Justin Trudeau’s ‘values’ in order to get funding, he was removed from his role as vice-chairman of the procedure and House affairs committee.

At the time that decision was made, I pointed out the hypocrisy in Singh punishing Christopherson, especially after Singh was trying to downplay his attendance at Khalistani rallies as being about sharing his perspective and ‘expressing’ himself.


Jagmeet Singh seems to have one standard for those advocating for Khalistan, while holding MPs in his party and Canadian faith organizations to another standard. Free expression and religious freedom are all fine and good with Jagmeet when it’s about breaking up India, but when MPs want to express themselves freely, or when faith groups are opposed to going against their values, Singh reverses himself and clamps down on dissent.

While every leader has scandals, it’s how they handle them that matters most, and Jagmeet Singh is not doing well.

Without a seat in Parliament, with his own caucus doubting him, with an MP now speaking out against his actions publicly, Singh’s NDP appear to be heading towards further and further chaos. Canadians will be wondering how Singh can lead Canada if he can’t even lead his own party.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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The Lieberal/NDP/separatist parties are the same communist socialist party types and right now they know if Trudeau needs to be re elected to continue ruining Canada, if he hasn’t by the end of this term. He will also need the votes that would have gone to the NDP part of their party to support their Liberal part. Following the news back as long as many older Canadians have, the Liberals were an OK party until infiltrated by the Communist and spendthrift daddy Trudeau and became the Lieberal party with one set of speeches to Quebec in French and different to… Read more »


Nancy! You’re bang on.

Elizabeth Thorne

This man is dangerous to our political system.


Add on: David Christopherson is a very nice helpful man, lovely person, he seems to really care about Canada and people, and is very socialist but listens to others, I don’t know if he doesn’t understand what’s happening or he now goes along with it. but if you met him you would like him.

Rick Churchill

The modern face of Canadian Socialism must leave Tommy Douglas rolling in his grave and Joseph Stalin rejoicing.


What a hypocrite buffoon.
When it’s about his religion (sikh/khalsa) he wants all the freedom to practice it without any interference from authorities in Canada, including acceptance of turban & dagger (kirpan) in RCMP/Army, public schools, parliament and while riding motorcycle. However, the bigot won’t allow the majority to practice their believes if it happens to be Christianity. Not to forget all NDP MPs voted in favour of motion M-103.
Time to drain the Canadian muskeg.

Jennifer Bush

I cant believe that it took so many to realize how horrible Jagmeet is. I started ringing this bell way back in September and no one listened