Why Is Robert Fife Being Attacked For Speaking The Truth?

Because the left needs to enforce a guilt-based worldview in their effort to gain control over our lives.

Journalist Robert Fife is being criticized by the left for the following clip:

I think most common-sense Canadians would look at that clip and think: Yeah, sounds about right.

However, it seems the left has a different view of it:

Fife simply spoke the truth. People of all backgrounds go to school together, and often get along great without focusing on racial divisions.

So why is the left so eager to discredit and attack Fife for his remarks?

Because it goes against their guilt-based worldview.

At it’s core, the left has become all about exerting total control over the economic, social, cultural, and political lives of Canadians.

Since most people don’t want to give up their individual freedoms, the left is seeking to wear people down with a constant stream of guilt, thinking that if they can make Canadians feel so bad about ourselves we will eventually want the supposedly ‘enlightened’ leftists to take control.

The idea of systematic racism is a key component of the leftist ideology, and thus any pushback against the idea is a threat to the guilt-based strategy.

Of course, there is still racism in the world, but it’s quite an interesting ‘coincidence’ that as racism declines the left is talking about it more than ever.

The last thing the left wants is for people to see themselves as responsible, free individuals, because responsible free individuals are very tough to control. ‘Victims’ on the other hand, are very easy to control.

So, all those who refuse to speak the victimhood language of the guilt-based oppression-obsessed leftist machine will be attacked, demonized, and shouted down.

That’s why Patriotism and pride in our country is one of the best antidotes to the spreading scourge of identity politics-guilt. People who refuse to feel unearned guilt and who refuse to drag their nation down are those who will help us overcome the rising tide of division and anger being pushed by the left.

Individual responsibility and individual freedom are still the best path to a society where all have the opportunity to succeed and prosper, and no amount of crying, whining, and threats from the left can ever change that.

Spencer Fernando

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This is so true, thank you again Spencer. It has become so hard to hear from or read about a: balanced middle, grounded, ethical, truthful, thoughtful. respectable, polite anything, that is not slanted or tainted in some confusing way. I believe you are the good this and love reading your columns, even when some make me hurt. Thank you.

Vivienne Ziner

You are right on the money!
The Trotsky-inspired “victim” narrative is eroding Western civilization!


I love Canada but I despise the corrupt Lieberal government. It’ll be refreshing when they are ousted in 2019. Hopefully we can outlaw or disband the Lieberal Party too.

Ralph Knapp

Hey folks, If you want to see “systemic racism” in action real time, tune in to CTV’s Your Morning and check out the hosts.

Wendy Lush

You forgot to mention CBC The National, where white males are persona non grata.

Norbert Kausen

It is likely due to the social re- conditioning these mental midgets receive, in the universities they attend! The universities are no longer institutions of higher learning, rather, they are communist indoctrination centres, and the young mobs become brainwashed with unrealistic views of the world. Being young and easily influenced, they attack anything that threatens their delusional hypocrisies. This world is in serious trouble, if we allow this to continue!

Ben Eby

Norbert Kausen – Good one Norbert, your description of the university situation is right on the mark. It concerns me how few Canadians are aware, or want to believe, that this indoctrination process is so deeply imbedded in our learning institutions, including pre-high school.

Tommy Hawk

Without doubt — and it should be obvious to anyone who can still think, our ‘institutions of education’ over time have been turned in to ‘institutions of indoctrination’ which, in and of itself, is one of, if not the most dangerous change over the years.

Education is supposed to be ‘politically neutral,’ but it is no longer that way and that threatens our country to the extreme.




Canada has to be one of the least racist countries in the world!!!!! If there IS any racism, it doesn’t usually come from white people – it comes from other races against each other. I am sick and tired of this constant grinding away at our national pride and cohesion as a people. The Liberals are SICK – they are hell bent on the destruction of this nation – however they can achieve it. And they are hitting on all fronts. Taxing us to death, spending like fools, hitting at our national pride, making us look like fools on the… Read more »


Robert Fife? You mean the one who talked to janitors, restaurant workers rather than ask mps for their point of view on the Duffy affair, which he dragged on for months without end is now worried about racism. Had he done his job properly all the duffy problems could not come to a whisper of what justin has done to this nation. From the time you awoke to the time you went to be was nothing in the news but ‘Harper this and that’ every day. Why isn’t Robert Fife doing the same attack on justin trudeau every friggin sec?


I didn’t think, “Yeah, sounds about right”. It was more like, “ain’t the f—–g truth.

Kim Bruce

Spencer, I tried playing the clip. It started to play and then stopped with the annoying circle of death. Then a not cam up…”The media could not be played”? Is this censorship happening?


All the government is doing and saying with this racist business, is making me extremely angry. I’m sick to death of their views on everything. If I see Trudeau on TV or hear him on the radio, I change the channel/station. He is positively sickening and so are the rest of the lap-dog Liberals.


Trudeau’s government is dictating to you yes. The questionaire for summer jobs is proof. I’m sure we will be rid of these dictators in 2019.


Those ones from the left who make comments above seem to forget that Syria did not have to rely on Canadian investigation and SHOULD HAVE DONE THEIR OWN INVESTIGATION. The left also seems to forget that Syria tortured him, not Canada. Now, the left expects that because of ONE CASE, the Arrar one, we are going to have to let in all sorts of criminals like the ISIS JIHADS in Canada to make up for this. SORRY, but Canada is not responsible for Syria’s actions. And the magic number of $10.5 million is quite a large compensation for this. Now… Read more »


Totally agree with Mr. Fife