Did The Trudeau Government Order The National Security Advisor To Share Classified Info With The Media?

Trudeau’s attempt to trap Andrew Scheer has backfired.

The Atwal affair keeps getting worse for the Trudeau government.

The more they try to dig themselves out of the hole they find themselves in, the farther they fall in.

When they offered Andrew Scheer a classified briefing on the issue, they probably thought they were being clever. After all, a classified briefing would mean that Scheer couldn’t talk about what he is told, making it the perfect place for the Trudeau Liberals to admit that their India conspiracy theory is false.

Scheer, knowing it’s a trap, and didn’t take the bait, but the Liberals still probably felt they could score points by making the ‘generous’ offer.

Instead, it’s backfired.

Scheer pointed out that he wanted the same briefing on the India conspiracy theory that National Security Advisor Daniel Jean gave to the media.

It was that briefing which led to the India conspiracy theory being spread in the first place, as the media reported on it once Jean briefed them.

However, the Trudeau government claims that they can only offer Andrew Scheer a classified briefing on that same issue, as Scheer has the necessary clearance to get classified briefings – clearance which most MPs lack.

The problem for the Liberals is, the media lacks that clearance as well. So, if they are saying that Andrew Scheer needs high level clearance to hear the same thing the government told National Security Advisor Daniel Jean to share with the media, then they are tacitly admitting that they ordered Jean to share classified information with those who lack the clearance to hear it.

And, if they didn’t order Jean to share classified info, then they are lying about why Scheer needs a classified briefing.

As we can see, the Trudeau Liberals’ attempt to trap Andrew Scheer has backfired, and they have instead trapped themselves.

Either they were willing to share classified info for political reasons – showing a total disregard for our national security and public service – or they are lying to hide their increasingly bungled cover-up.

Had they told the truth from the beginning, this would all be over. Instead, the government showed contempt for the truth and contempt for Canadians, and now they find themselves in a mess entirely of their own making.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube