Journalist Says “Senior Government Official” In Atwal Briefing “Told Me Stuff He Said I Couldn’t Print”

“How would I know if that was unclassified or classified?” asks David Akin.

Another part of the Trudeau Liberals’ convoluted and discredited house of cards surrounding Trudeau’s India conspiracy theory surrounding Jaspal Atwal has fallen apart.

Here’s what journalist David Akin tweeted:

The “senior government official” has been reported as being Daniel Jean – Trudeau’s national security advisor.

The Trudeau government has refused to let Jean testify, leading Canadians to wonder what the government is hiding.

Akin’s tweet is devastating for the argument being made by the Trudeau Liberals, who keep saying that Andrew Scheer needs a classified briefing to hear the same info Jean told to reporters behind the scenes. But at the same time, the Trudeau government says they didn’t give any classified info to the media.

Of course, both can’t be true, and Akin’s tweet makes it seem very likely that the government released classified info in an attempt to distract from Justin Trudeau’s awful India trip.

As we are all witnessing, the lies of the Trudeau government are collapsing more and more every day.

How will Goodale try to spin this one?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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If David can’t” print,” why could he not be interviewed ? Talk…

JP LaRocque

I thought the same!!!! like just talk about it don’t print!!! Dead on!!