PHOTO: The Aftermath Of Trudeau’s $8 Million Rink

Government waste summed up in one picture.

This is the aftermath of the rink the Trudeau government spent over $8 million on right outside Parliament Hill.

The rink didn’t allow hockey, and was used for a short amount of time, making it’s per-day cost absolutely absurd.

Worst of all, there’s was a massive skating rink on the Rideau Canal Skateway, just a short walk from Parliament.

Apparently, that was too far of a distance for the government, so they wasted $8 million on a monument to their own arrogance.

Here’s what’s left:

Trudeau Rink Waste

How could the government afford this gigantic waste when they say our Veterans are asking for too much, and so many other Canadians are struggling without any help?

Is this what we’re supposed to be paying taxes for?

The Trudeau rink is a perfect example of government waste: It was an unnecessary project that nobody was asking for, it was way over-budget, it didn’t provide much of a service to the public, it banned the most popular activity (hockey), and now that it’s gone there’s just a sad hole in the ground that’s worse than what was there before with nothing to show for all the taxpayer money spent on it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Roy Elsworth

this is why people are not voting for Trudeau anymore they have had it.

Norbert Kausen

So, my question is, “WHERE did that eight million REALLY dollars go???”

D Axis

Where does money ever go from these scam like Liberal projects?

It goes to other Liberal cronies…


It looks like a typical small representation of what he the results of his term are going to do to the economy of our once Proud and Free country.


This looks worse than any oil sands project and as bad as an abandoned coal pit. Have we found what the upstream and downstream pollution numbers are going to be? Oh, sorry, those numbers only apply to projects that benefit Canada.

Ed R Peebles

That is Probably all that we will get off of this Government is a Gigantic Hole !

Ed P.


well you get what you vote for, just sayin…

Just Stop

I’d rather give 8 million to a muddy hole in the ground, than 10.5 million to a convicted terrorist with a long standing family history of terrorism while using Canada as an asylum and funding platform from their terrorism abroad.


Perfect picture of Trudeau and his follies, supported by the Liberal sheeps.

Kevin F

A more suitable idea for that money may have been to select a few communities within the country which really needed a small, but permanent ice rink facility, and divide up the $8 million between them. The end result of the outdoor rink in Ottawa is a ton of cash out the door with no lasting community benefit. It amounts to a temporary PR stunt, which barely anyone celebrated. A government which is accountable should have more respect for the taxpayers. This is a good example of squandering millions for no good reason.


I want to say SHOCKING, but as long as the Liberals’ are running things, nothing surprises me anymore !


I’m definitely not a supporter of the Trudeau government. However keep in mind that that Brink was donated to a community after it was dismantled


Really, this person was voted in by a vast majority. Stupid is was stupid does. Reap your rewards.

Tommy Hawk

The results, as shown were well known by the public at the announcement.

The payment for the job was well received by the Liberal firm who ‘got’ the contract.

So, everyone’s happy — eh?

Such shenanigans with other people’s money is the ‘way of doing business’ to Liberals.

John Gibbs

Trudeau running the country. Wynn running Ontario (maybe ‘running’ should be spelt ‘ruining’ in both cases) the Ontario PC with Ford.
I am 81 years old and living in Ontario. I shake my head in despair


And Canadian first nations people ate living in holes, bugs, and without fresh or running water. That’s the saddesting thing. They give all our tax money to the refugees and waste it in useless ice rinks when our home lands people are suffering. No more liberals!!