PHOTO: The Aftermath Of Trudeau’s $8 Million Rink

Government waste summed up in one picture.

This is the aftermath of the rink the Trudeau government spent over $8 million on right outside Parliament Hill.

The rink didn’t allow hockey, and was used for a short amount of time, making it’s per-day cost absolutely absurd.

Worst of all, there’s was a massive skating rink on the Rideau Canal Skateway, just a short walk from Parliament.

Apparently, that was too far of a distance for the government, so they wasted $8 million on a monument to their own arrogance.

Here’s what’s left:

Trudeau Rink Waste

How could the government afford this gigantic waste when they say our Veterans are asking for too much, and so many other Canadians are struggling without any help?

Is this what we’re supposed to be paying taxes for?

The Trudeau rink is a perfect example of government waste: It was an unnecessary project that nobody was asking for, it was way over-budget, it didn’t provide much of a service to the public, it banned the most popular activity (hockey), and now that it’s gone there’s just a sad hole in the ground that’s worse than what was there before with nothing to show for all the taxpayer money spent on it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter