REPORT: Alexandre Bissonnette Pleads Guilty To All Charges In Quebec City Mosque Shooting

Bissonnette had originally plead not guilty, but changed his plea.

Alexandre Bissonnette has plead guilty to six charges of murder, and six charges of attempted murder in the horrific January 29, 2017 Quebec City Mosque shooting.

Six people were killed in the shooting, while 19 were injured. Five of those individuals suffered serious injuries.

“I’ve thought about this a long time. In my heart, this is the decision I’ve made,” said Bissonnette to the judge.

Added Bissonnette, “I want to ask for forgiveness, but I know what I did is unforgivable…that’s why I pleaded guilty Mr. Judge.”

Bissonnette faces life in prison without any possibility of parole for the next 25 years, while he could face up to 150 years if the sentences are enforced consecutively.

Strangely, “His lawyers said they intend to challenge the constitutionality of consecutive sentences,” which could lead to an even further weakening of our pathetically weak justice system. After all, taxpayers are put on the hook for the prison costs of those who commit horrible crimes, in large part due to the absence of capital punishment.

The next court date is set for April 10th.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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We know the truth. And this is not the truth. There is evidence, videos and testimonies that are still hidden from the public. Unfortunately, the truth might come too late for Bissonnette.

Delia Kramer

Humm… Plea bargin? I don’t believe he did it!


He initially pled not guilty but changed his plea 2 days later. There will be no trial. We won’t hear his story or the evidence against him. If he did it in sound mind, he deserves the long sentence which awaits him. Strange to think that if he’d joined a terrorist group instead, and killed people overseas, he’d have gotten poetry and counselling instead of jail on returning to Canada. Go figure.

Erwin Merkt

I smell something fishy here, bigtime.


It gets weirder all the time, I heard the newscast. Then trudeau calling Fox news in America to stop reporting this news story. How long before trudeau called it a terrorist attack? 5 minutes after landing in Montreal. Then nothing about the story except they have the white terrorist. The one who shouted allah acbar. Then another twist not guilty, oops changed my mind. No more needs to be said. Great country.