SUBVERTING PARLIAMENT: Trudeau Liberals Caught Trying To Create $7 BILLION ‘Slush Fund’ To Escape House Of Commons Oversight

The Trudeau government is seeking to create a fund that will let them spend billions of our tax dollars now, without anyone knowing how it was spent until after the 2019 election.

The Trudeau Liberals have been caught trying to establish a $7 BILLION ‘slush fund,’ that would subvert the Parliamentary budget process.

As explained by Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre and Conservative MP Kelly McCauley, the fund would let the Liberals have a $7 billion stash of taxpayer dollars that they could spend without any accountability between now and the next federal election, without having to explain where that money would be spent until after the 2019 campaign.

This totally goes against how Parliament is supposed to work, because the government is mandated by law to show where every dollar is going in the budget estimates process. That’s basically the entire reason we have a Parliament in the first place, so those who represent the people vote on whether or not to approve how the government is spending our money.

If those representatives don’t know where the money is going, then they can’t do their jobs, and we aren’t a democracy.

While the budget estimates process may seem obscure, without it our system would simply be a dictatorship, since the PM would be able to use taxpayer dollars for any whim he has without having to explain it to anybody. It seems that’s the direction the Trudeau Liberals are taking our country, and their $7 billion slush fund is incredibly disturbing for all of us who care about democracy in Canada.

Watch Poilievre and McCauley discuss the Trudeau Liberals slush fund (or what they’re calling “Sponsorship 2.0) below:

The Trudeau Liberals slush fund is obviously something that could – and almost certainly will be used – to try and subvert our democracy and manipulate the next election.

With the Trudeau Liberals getting more and more desperate, we can only imagine what they will do with that money to try and stay in power.

This is a huge issue, and all Canadians need to hear about it. Our Parliament is being subverted before our very eyes, and it needs to be stopped.

Spencer Fernando

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