SUBVERTING PARLIAMENT: Trudeau Liberals Caught Trying To Create $7 BILLION ‘Slush Fund’ To Escape House Of Commons Oversight

The Trudeau government is seeking to create a fund that will let them spend billions of our tax dollars now, without anyone knowing how it was spent until after the 2019 election.

The Trudeau Liberals have been caught trying to establish a $7 BILLION ‘slush fund,’ that would subvert the Parliamentary budget process.

As explained by Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre and Conservative MP Kelly McCauley, the fund would let the Liberals have a $7 billion stash of taxpayer dollars that they could spend without any accountability between now and the next federal election, without having to explain where that money would be spent until after the 2019 campaign.

This totally goes against how Parliament is supposed to work, because the government is mandated by law to show where every dollar is going in the budget estimates process. That’s basically the entire reason we have a Parliament in the first place, so those who represent the people vote on whether or not to approve how the government is spending our money.

If those representatives don’t know where the money is going, then they can’t do their jobs, and we aren’t a democracy.

While the budget estimates process may seem obscure, without it our system would simply be a dictatorship, since the PM would be able to use taxpayer dollars for any whim he has without having to explain it to anybody. It seems that’s the direction the Trudeau Liberals are taking our country, and their $7 billion slush fund is incredibly disturbing for all of us who care about democracy in Canada.

Watch Poilievre and McCauley discuss the Trudeau Liberals slush fund (or what they’re calling “Sponsorship 2.0) below:

The Trudeau Liberals slush fund is obviously something that could – and almost certainly will be used – to try and subvert our democracy and manipulate the next election.

With the Trudeau Liberals getting more and more desperate, we can only imagine what they will do with that money to try and stay in power.

This is a huge issue, and all Canadians need to hear about it. Our Parliament is being subverted before our very eyes, and it needs to be stopped.

Spencer Fernando

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Tommy Hawk

One can only reiterate what has been said before — many times, in many ways, by many people — and that is that this type of ‘money management’ from any government is no more no less than out and out theft — but, then, that is the Liberal way — always has been, always will be. There is only one logical and, by now, necessary thing to accomplish and that is the total decimation of the Liberal Party in Canada ever being allowed, under any circumstances, to become a government — at any level — and at any time. There… Read more »

Eric Blair

Somehow I don’t think Trudeau could have come up with this scheme… it is too complicated and it involves math or should I say arithmetic, you know adding and subtracting, the hard stuff.
No this smells of Gerald’s Butt. Go get them Pierre and Kelly and make them scurry like cockroaches when a light is shone at them.

Faith Cook

How do we stop this from happening?
How do we stop trudeau & his government?


Only the Governor General can stop the Liberals or maybe if enough Liberals crossed the floor?

don morris

Why would any Liberals cross the floor? They are doing quite nicely,and Trudeau is the guy who brought them to their current status as members of Parliament. Without Trudeau most of the Liberals would have lost the 2015 election and still be nobodies in the political realm.
Now, many of them only have to win ONE more election as an MP and that fabulous pension is all theirs!

don morris

We can’t stop it from happening,only vote them out in the next election. Then we have to hope the next government will investigate this,which is a faint hope. There is a gentleman’s agreement in the Exclusive Club on the Hill in which the new government turns a blind eye to the transgressions of the previous government.


Again, should be front page news, where is this report??? Every Canadian should be seeing this. I am terrified of these Lieberal/NDP etc. one world communist agenda, especially when they cannot look after themselves, let alone Canada. I have read the news twice today and saw nothing on this. There are terrorist running our country. Can Mr. Scheer now have them condemned and put in prison where these people belong. I have been waiting to hear how bad this new 556 page budget is, was this in that budget? How long have they been hiding this? Or is this for… Read more »


The Mainstream Media has to be “Scripted, bought and Paid for” by certain Factions in Canada just like all the rest over most of the World…
What I am so worried about is the Brainwashed Millenials who do not have a clue what is going on in Canada but they like Justine’s Socks…


This isn’t a surprise to anyone, is it? Transparency to Trudeau is something “other” parties should do, he’s exempt from that. Besides, we know he’s just going to allocate the money to his personal pet projects as well as his “friends” and family.


Absolutely guaranteed he is going to use it all, plus whatever millions he gets from Soros, Tides Canada and Dogwood, to buy fake votes in the next election.

Tides and Dogwood and all their members and supporters hate Canada and are trying to destroy it.

Robert Bernie

The U.S.-based Tides Foundation, for example, directs funds to Canadian organizations such as Dogwood Initiative and Leadnow, both of whom featured prominently in the anti-pipeline protest on March 10th in Burnaby, and both of whom take an active role in B.C. elections, aiming to get pro-energy politicians out of office and anti-pipeline politicians elected

Cheryl Len

This equates to over a third of the projected 2018 budget deficit and this government wants to spend it without being accountable to anyone? Unbelievable,,,,,

Ron Shaw

Libtard theft , and unaccountability must be stopped Todumb is out of control !

Moe S.

Slush fund! I beg to differ. It is called THEFT of taxpayers money! This gov’t plans to take this money, spend it and MAYBE tell Canadian taxpayers after 2019 election. Yes, these Fiberals really expect Canadians to believe they will tell us later. Trudeau has taxpayer’s credit card in one hand and his silver spoon in the other hand. This explains why Trudeau is babysat by lawyers looking after HIS trust fund. The trust fund baby needs his greedy little hands slapped before he gets hold of OUR MONEY!!!


My good gawd! This bunch have got to go! You can only imagine the underhanded ways that money would be spent! Never in my life have I experienced such blatant underhandedness ever!

Canadians must stand up to this bunch of misfits and ensure they don’t get elected to anything!

Clive Edwards

Where’s John A. Macdonald when you need him. Or Her Majesty, for that matter, since all of this crap is being done in her name. We have the worst of both Royalty and so called democracy.


Funny they have 7 billion dollars that they want in a “slush fund” but don’t have the money to take care of our countries veterans, don’t have the money for better health care, don’t have the money to create new jobs, or build better infrastructure for Canada…. You know the country that he supposedly cared about and wanted to be the priminister of…… How about keeping terrorists out and doing more for your country and maybe then you may get forgivness. So tired of power hungry (pardon my french) ass holes ruining this country that our grandfather’s and great grandfather’s… Read more »

Mandy Prost

Liberals are be c oming synonymous with theft and corruption. I have always thought so even with past liberal govt. Why are they so crooked? I cant believe how politicians are so weak and easily manipulated once in power. Trudeau needs to be charged for so many things and yet nothing is done! The people feel helpless!!! This has to stop!

Corey Thomson

Why are they not criminally responsible?


I see they’ve moved on from brown envelopes stuffed with cash under the table.

Wendy Lush

A couple of years ago there was talk of a $6 billion dollar “contingency fund” that mysteriously disappeared from the federal books. Nobody could account for it.

If anybody remembers this story please comment.

Brian Pape

It was a “disappearance” from the Human Resources portfolio. Chrétien was the PM and Nixon (daughter it the provincial Nixon) was the Minister involved. That’s the one I remember. Simply forgotten about. No accountability.

David MacKAY

And also under Chretien at the time there was “Ad-Scam” where 3 million dollars, (3 Million) disappeared into the hands of disgraced RCMP Commissioner Zacardelli. And Zacardelli’s friend Chretien essentially declared “Nothing to see here folks move along”. And the whereabouts of the missing money is still unknown. Globe and Mail Columnist Lawrence Martin pointed out “On the sponsorship scandal, we are left to wonder why Mr. Corriveau, who was Mr. Chrétien’s friend and had done political organizing for him, was apparently not the subject of a RCMP investigation until 2006.(When Zacardelli resigned) Mr. Zacardelli was forced to resign as… Read more »

Wendy Lush

Thanks Brian. So where did the money end up, in somebody’s bank account? It’s just written off as a “Loss”? Unbelievable. This would never fly in the US.


F Y I TRUDEAU FOUNDATION The Liberal Adscam has morphed into the Pierre Trudeau trust fund with access to Liberal ministers paid for by donations to the trust. I was aghast to learn that Industry Canada* had placed $125 million government money into the fund in 2002. I say aghast as I normally feel I keep up to date on political and government news. My first reaction to this knowledge is to have Industry Canada request/demand return of the $125 million plus interest at Canada’s inflation rate since 2002. The popular vote in Canada for a majority government is often… Read more »

terry murphy

Until i see him charged with treason i’m assuming this is fake because 50 yrs ago he would be charged along with other PMs 100 times over .

Rick Churchill

And just where is the hue and cry for a “breach of the public trust” investigation? Oh, wait! I forgot, Liberals are exempt.

David MacKAY

Quote; “This totally goes against how Parliament is supposed to work”. Yes but it goes exactly as an elected Dictatorship wants it to work.
Venezuela’s Maduro would say, “Vote for me and after the rigged election and I’ll tell you what I did”.

Thomas Tass

Everyone who read this article must send it to all friends! Don’t sit on you behind! Get involved and ensure that transparency and INTEGRITY is brought back. The Liberals must not be allowed to buy votes with taxpayer money!

Brian Dougan

“mandated by law….” Therein lies the key. This is a lawless; do-whatever-they-please government…aided and abetted by the liberal news media. We get the middle finger. It’s beyond belief.