VIDEO: Fake Feminist Trudeau Refuses To Apologize For Morneau Calling Raitt A “Neanderthal,” Talks About “Innovation” Instead

What a disgrace.

In a recent meeting of the Standing Committee on Finance, Bill Morneau called Lisa Raitt a “Neanderthal” when she questioned the virtue-signalling of the 2018 ‘budget.’

The remark sparked outrage, particularly considering the immense hypocrisy of Morneau’s feminist posturing while trying to demonize an accomplished politician who happens to be a woman.

In Question Period, Andrew Scheer demanded that Justin Trudeau offer an apology for the Finance Minister’s comment – since Morneau was conveniently absent from the House of Commons today.

Trudeau refused, once again showing himself to be an utter disgrace. Instead, he started spouting talking points about the recent budget and “innovation.” Watch the clip below:

You can even see the smirk on Justin Trudeau’s face as he spouts the words from the piece of paper. He has contempt for this entire country, the opposition, the Parliament, and even those Canadians who may have once given him the benefit of the doubt.

We can see that he’s been milking the fake feminist angle for all it’s worth, but when the chips are down he folds like a cheap suit and stands only for himself and his own selfish interests.

Mr. Sunny Ways is supporting the demonization of political opponents, something he has pushed himself over and over again by attacking other parties instead of seeking common ground.


On the plus side, Andrew Scheer seems to be getting tougher in Question Period, part of an increasing realization that Trudeau has nothing but negative intentions towards Canada and the citizens of our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter