DISTURBING: Growing Fears That Communist China Is Expanding Their ‘Kidnapping Program’ To Western Nations

Western Intel officials say kidnappings are increasingly occurring “in the territory of core U.S. allies, including some of the Five Eyes intelligence partners (the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom).”

A disturbing article in The Week reveals the growing concerns of US intel officials about China kidnapping Chinese Nationals among Western Allies, including the US.

“Chinese nationals living in the United States have also begun to disappear under suspicious circumstances, although unlike previous targets, “they were not high-profile folks,” said one former U.S. intelligence official.”

The reports notes that Chinese intel operatives have been seen around homes or schools were people went missing.

“One theory was that they were strong-arming them in person, saying, ‘We’re here. Your flight back to China is tomorrow.'” The official stressed that there is still a difference between “kicking in a door and taking a guy forcefully away and saying, ‘Come with us or we’ll kill your family in Inner Mongolia.'” Still, in one case involving a Chinese graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, there was “evidence of this person being taken against their will.”

As noted by Foreign Policy, there have been numerous instances of individuals apparently being kidnapped by China around the world.

“In October 2015, Chinese government operatives kidnapped Gui Minhai, a Hong Kong-based book publisher and bookstore owner, from his apartment in Thailand. Months later, Gui, a Swedish citizen, resurfaced in China, declaring on state television that he had turned himself in to face decade-old drunk driving charges. Gui’s colleague, Lee Bo, a dual Chinese-British national, also appears to have been kidnapped in Hong Kong in December 2015 by Chinese security forces and brought back to the Chinese mainland.”

Now, it appears that the kidnapping or “forcible-repatriation” program is ramping up even more:

The kidnapping of people the Communist Chinese government wants back within their borders – “some of whom are in fact citizens of other countries — appears to be accelerating. Powerful businessmen, ex-Chinese Communist Party officials, dissidents, and activists have all been targeted as part of what Western intelligence officials say appears to be a large-scale campaign.”

While other countries – including the United States – have ‘forcibly repatriated’ foreign nationals, the US program focused on terrorism, and was heavily criticized in the US democratic process – creating a level of accountability.

China’s program meanwhile appears focused on financial and political ‘crimes,’ meaning that someone could be taken from the West, deprived of their freedom and imprisoned by China for an act that is not a crime in the North America or other Western nations – such as criticizing the government.

Additionally, China’s program is subjected to no democratic criticism, and thus has zero accountability.

Canada must strengthen our intelligence agencies, protect Canadian nationals from China’s reach, and condemn the Communist State.

Letting China take people from our allies and possibly from our own territory is unacceptable.

Already, it is known that people in Canada have been threatened by the Chinese government, which is clearly a breach of our national sovereignty.

We cannot allow a ruthless Communist regime to dictate what people can and can’t do or say within the borders of Canada, or take people out of our country. That’s why we need to strengthen our intel capacity to protect people in Canada from China’s reach, and why the government must send a strong message condemning China’s Communist government.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau has shown himself to be a ‘useful idiot’ for Communist China, and prefers to pick fights with our allies in democratic India than stand up to the ‘basic dictatorship’ he loves so much.

This leaves Canada at risk, and makes us a weak-link among our allies when it comes to confronting China, something that will certainly not go unnoticed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube