HYPOCRITE: At $1500 Ticket Per Person Fundraiser, Trudeau Tries Pretending He Supports The Middle Class

During the fundraiser Trudeau gave a shout-out to billionaire Liberal donor Stephen Bronfman, who was listed in the Paradise Papers as being linked to an offshore Cayman Islands trust.

With his lies and poll numbers both falling apart simultaneously, Justin Trudeau has retreated to one of his few remaining safe spaces:

The ‘defender’ of the middle-class.

Yet, he inexplicably chose the worst possible venue to make that pitch: A fundraiser where “Tickets to the event were $1,500 per person over 35 years old and $750 for anyone under that age.”

According to the CP, “the room was mostly filled with people over 35.”

At the event, Trudeau directly thanked Bronfman – without mentioning any issues about the Paradise Papers or Bronfman’s report links to an offshore Cayman Islands trust. Notably, there are no taxes in the Cayman Islands on money earned outside the islands, yet Trudeau quickly accepted Bronfman’s statements regarding offshore tax havens, showing a level of deference and benefit of the doubt for Bronfman that middle-class and working class Canadians certainly don’t get at tax time.

“Thank you for volunteering your time for this movement,” Trudeau said, “and for being such a strong voice for progressive change in this country.”

Among other attendees were Mitch Garber – who chairs Cirque du Soleil and owns World Series Poker – as well as defeated former Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre.

Trudeau laughably tried to claim his party was transparent, but their treatment of the media shows otherwise:

“However, Liberal party employees kept a close eye on journalists at the fundraiser, insisting they stay in small room adjacent to the ballroom before Trudeau spoke. Reporters were banned from speaking with anyone at the event and were ushered out of the ballroom immediately after Trudeau finished his 15-minute speech.”

So open. So transparent…

Hilariously, Bronfman claimed that Trudeau has helped strengthen Canada’s ‘brand’, perhaps forgetting about the disaster India trip that received worldwide attention.

Bronfman also hit on some predictable Trudeau themes, saying “We’re in tough times. There is so much of a very far-right agenda across the world. Dictatorships, gun-violence issues, racism. And then the world looks to Canada. You guys have taken our brand and built it to this beacon out there in the world.”


Hypocrisy and arrogance

For Justin Trudeau to claim that he is a supporter of the middle class while surrounded by elites at an exclusive event most Canadians couldn’t afford to attend is the height of hypocrisy (though Trudeau will probably surpass those heights in a day or two).

Here are the real facts when it comes to Trudeau’s treatment of middle class Canadians:

81% Of Middle Class Families Are Paying MORE TAXES Under Trudeau

The Rich Pay Less Taxes, Middle Class Pays More, While Millionaire Trudeau Gets Taxpayer Funded Nannies

Trudeau’s Plans Will Increase Taxes On 92% Of Middle-Class Canadian Families

Funny that Trudeau didn’t mention any of that in his speech.

We know that Trudeau is only looking out for the elites, and he cynically uses his middle class messaging to try and distract from that fact. Now, he’s finding that there are limits to how much hypocrisy he can get away with before Canadians get fed up with the deception.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Oh no! A Trudeau fundraiser where “Tickets to the event were $1,500 per person over 35 years old and $750 for anyone under that age.” Can anything be more discriminatory that this. And coming from a PM. Trudeau’s fascist comment would be: Do as I say, dont do what I do. Bronfman forgot to say that there is so much corruption on the Left and, the dictatorship of the Liberals, and then the world looks at Canada and says: “Poor Canada!” Yes it was foretold.

Wendy Lush

Lord of the manor Justin Trudeau, champion of the middle class, jets off to yet another swanky event and delivers empty platitudes.

What a phony.

ps- Who the H*ll would pay $1500 to see this guy, or anything?? Oh, of course… access.


Two price ranges?? Clear age discrimination. Where the hell are the human human rights gang? Why aren’t they filing complaints against Trudeau? Is this yet another example of a double standard in Canada? Canadians get charged with Human Rights violations but Liberals don’t.

Tommy Hawk

Actually, I am certain a good lawyer could actually define this as a ‘treasonous act,’ but I will not hold my breath waiting for one with the fortitude or the guts to make the move.


Yes you are right. We all knew that all Politicians are corrupt to some extent. We tolerate this as to the actions of the Politician of his benefit to the populous. We now take it for granted that all Politicians are corrupt and place themselves protected from being kicked out, they do nothing but literally steal, assist invasion, pad the Government to force change to pass or conspire to illegally allow atrocities into Western culture. They constantly and blatantly take part in Treasonist acts to Canada’s Constitution. A Prime Minister who supports Terrorism as to allow known, Terrorist Murderers freedom… Read more »


ALL the corruption and lies being disclosed over years and years and yet …… nothing changes …