VIDEO: Bergen Reminds Trudeau Liberals Who They’re Supposed To Be Working For

The Liberals have forgotten that MPs are elected to serve the Canadian People. Candice Bergen reminded them.

As the Trudeau Liberals arrogantly and desperately try to deflect blame for Justin’s disastrous India trip, they have done everything possible to subvert the ability of elected MPs to get answers.

After ordering a public servant to try and spin the media with a briefing about a discredited conspiracy theory blaming ‘rogue elements’ in the Indian government for Jaspal Atwal’s invite, they’ve been refusing to give the same briefing to elected MPs – even though Parliament is explicitly designed with processes for the government to share info with MPs.

The Trudeau Liberals have forgotten – or never really believed – that MPs are representatives of the people. So when the Liberals stonewall MPs, they are really stonewalling Canadians, and showing contempt for those who sent MPs to represent them in Ottawa.

As you can see below, Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen had enough of the stonewalling, and reminded the Trudeau Liberals who they’re supposed to be working for:

Bergen’s tough reminder will almost certainly be ignored by Justin Trudeau. Still, it’s good to see an MP speak out for the fundamental truth that the role of MPs must be respected.

We elect those MPs, and when the government treats them like dirt, that government may as well be spitting in all of our faces.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube