VIDEO: Bergen Reminds Trudeau Liberals Who They’re Supposed To Be Working For

The Liberals have forgotten that MPs are elected to serve the Canadian People. Candice Bergen reminded them.

As the Trudeau Liberals arrogantly and desperately try to deflect blame for Justin’s disastrous India trip, they have done everything possible to subvert the ability of elected MPs to get answers.

After ordering a public servant to try and spin the media with a briefing about a discredited conspiracy theory blaming ‘rogue elements’ in the Indian government for Jaspal Atwal’s invite, they’ve been refusing to give the same briefing to elected MPs – even though Parliament is explicitly designed with processes for the government to share info with MPs.

The Trudeau Liberals have forgotten – or never really believed – that MPs are representatives of the people. So when the Liberals stonewall MPs, they are really stonewalling Canadians, and showing contempt for those who sent MPs to represent them in Ottawa.

As you can see below, Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen had enough of the stonewalling, and reminded the Trudeau Liberals who they’re supposed to be working for:

Bergen’s tough reminder will almost certainly be ignored by Justin Trudeau. Still, it’s good to see an MP speak out for the fundamental truth that the role of MPs must be respected.

We elect those MPs, and when the government treats them like dirt, that government may as well be spitting in all of our faces.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Trudeau must really love this reminder from Candice Bergen because …….he is a feminist …but the question is ……can he take what he is all about ???

Tommy Hawk

Short answer? NO.

Maria D

Why is it the Conservative Women who have the backbone to speak up and be strong and the Men including Andrew Scheer come across so weak. Way to go Candice!!!!

Lawrence Tierney

LIBERALS have never at anytime since their Party’s conception ever believed that they were there to serve Canada and the People.

LIBERALS have always believed and acted as if Canadians were there to serve them and that Canada was their personal Piggy Bank.

Tommy Hawk

You betcha, Maria.

Tommy Hawk

Absolutely, Lawrence. Shade of Pierre.


Lawrence, it seems that not too many people have got this figured out, but you sure do. We need Canadians like you to speak loud and clear with your message and get this message out to all Canadian’s and then maybe a lot of them will wake up from their slumber party with eyes and ears open.


The Liberals either dont take seriously the ROLE that they were given by the Canadian People or they think that they are a joke. The Liberals have become the scum of Canada, worst than the ISIS murderers that they protect.

Tommy Hawk

Oh, then know they are no joke — they simply choose to ignore them, as well as, intentionally, open Canada and Canadian citizens to very dangerous potential.

That is of no interest to them — since their whole being is based on our ‘new’ attitudes of the day: “I,” “Me,” “Mine,” “Now,” and “Gimme.”


From the day justin told his mps that he supports terrorists to keep their citizenship rather than put the safety of canadians first, those same mps who were numb to stand for their constituents are still numb to this very day. I dont expect any of them to show sudden reaction for their constituents. Jihadi Justin is their boss first than those who pay their salaries.


Way to go Candice, feminist justin think you are some weakling to be told what to do. I guess he is not use to be told off by a woman like yourself .


Jen I am on your side. You made one error tho.turdface does NOT pay the Mps salary. The Canadian tax payer does. So they should 1st represent us NOT the party.


Never would I suggest that the libs pay the mps their salaries but rather their contituents who do as well as the general public.


Congratulations and a BIG Thank-You, Candice. You have told Justin and all his Cowardly Liberal flock what Canadians want them to know. If these Liberals were Honest and Ethical and Realized that they are ACTUALLY Working for Canadians, Every one of them would have Crossed the Floor. These Traitors are not in Government to serve Canadians and Canadian Interests. They are there to “Collect their Big Fat Pay Cheques”. We want them to know that Canadians are their “BOSS”, and NOT Jihadi Justin! Their Lying, Treasonous, Terrorist Loving Leader Doesn’t Pay Them. He only Steals from Hard Working Canadians, many… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

Well stated, Ann — my thanks.