WATCH: Trudeau Can’t Say How Much The Carbon Tax Will Reduce Emissions

If Trudeau either can’t or won’t say what impact the carbon tax will have, why the hell do Canadians need to pay for it?

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna was recently asked how much the carbon tax will reduce Canada’s greenhouse emissions.

She couldn’t do it.

She dodged the question, and either didn’t have the numbers, or choose not to share them. Either way it’s a total embarrassment for the government, as they can’t even explain the impact of a policy they keep saying is so important.

So, with McKenna failing to answer the question, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer asked Justin Trudeau how much the carbon tax will reduce Canada’s greenhouse emissions.

As you can see below, he couldn’t do it either:

It’s such a simple question, and having those projected numbers should have been a basic part of the process that went into crafting and implementing the policy.

After all, why the hell do Canadians have to pay the economically destructive tax when the government won’t even give us details about it?

This combo of incompetence and dishonesty is outrageous. It seems like a broken record since we keep on saying it, but once again the promise of “openness and accountability” that was a centerpiece of Trudeau’s election campaign has been revealed as a total fraud.

Another fraudulent aspect of all this is the idea that Canada reducing emissions does anything at all. Canada emits a tiny fraction of the world’s emissions, and it’s absorbed by our immense forests anyway. Meanwhile, big emitters like China keep on increasing their emissions, totally overwhelming anything we do in Canada.

And as if that’s not enough, the government is failing to reach their own targets anyway.

So, the fact is that Justin Trudeau is punishing Canadian taxpayers and businesses just so he can virtue-signal on the environment for a worthless policy that does nothing but take money out of our pockets and make life more expensive, all without telling us what impact it will have.

In his arrogance, he expects us to just go along with all this like good ‘subjects,’ but as we can see in the rising tide against the carbon tax, Canadians are running out of patience.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ralph Knapp

Trudeau can’t tell anyone how much CO2 emissions will be reduced because the answer will be zero.

Maria D

You are so right!

Ed R Peebles

As all Canadian Green House Gas Production makes up less than 1% of the total produced by all Countries of the World each year, WHY are we Paying for it ! The US who contributes at least 10 times what we do ,don’t Have a Carbon tax meanwhile us Canadians are being sold a Bill of Goods , which is really just another weapon for Justin !

Ed P.


“Bill of Goods” … That’s funny, I prefer load of [email protected]!!! đŸ˜‰


As Canada loses it’s business in the private sector, with the carbon tax and red tape and they all leave us, the carbon levels will go down, and we will have no private sector jobs left which pay taxes to support all the public sector jobs. We can all work for the dictator Lieberal/NDP separatist, hate Canada Party if we are rich enough. otherwise we can try to hide in the bush, live in tents while trying to stay warm, cannot afford hydro. Or maybe we will be very unlucky and get to live in gulags and kept out of… Read more »

Maria D

Has anyone else noticed that JT never answers the question? Whether on the environment or anything else, there is so clear answer. Just a bunch of garbage that spews from that repulsive face. Trust me guys….there are some of us gals that do think he is not good looking.


Thanks Maria. It is nice to get a real Canadian woman’s opinion. I doubt he is capable of responding with an intelligent truthful answer. Absolute contempt and disrespect for Canada, Canadians, and Parliament.

Glen Bailey

Oh,I doubt that Maria.But just the same it seems there are more women coming out against Trudeau than ever before.And about time too.

Norbert Kausen

It will NOT reduce any carbon, rather it will cause an increase as when people pay for it they will simply use create more… after all, they ARE paying for it!


What a lot of people don’t realize, is that trees/plane life NEEDS CO2 in order to survive. In return, they pump out O2.
So, in reality, this is NOT a carbon tax.
This is a tax on the very air WE need to breathe.
Yes, I put it plain & simple.
An OXYGEN tax.

I’d love to hear your comments

Tommy Hawk

There is no intelligent response and he knows that — it is no more and no less than the typical Liberal ‘smoke and mirrors’ again — and again — and again.

Ivan Hawkes

Canada is carbon neutral!!! The so called carbon problem comes from other countries, not Canada. Our green canopy , fields of plant life, all absorb more carbon than we produce. This taax is nothing but an income for Justin Turd Toe to “BLOW AWAY” with his ridiculously irresponsible GIVING AWAY of BILLIONS of our hard earned money, saddling us and our future generations with DEEP DEBT SLAVERY. Irresponsible, irrational, reckless, and arrogant is selfie rich boy Justin Turd Toe.


Globalist wealth distribution, has nothing to do with Carbon, human’s are made of Carbon, it’s the Price we have to pay for breathing.