Petition To Scrap Trudeau’s Bill C-71 Backdoor Gun Registry Already Has Tens Of Thousands Of Signatures In Just A Few Days

The petition was sponsored by MP Rachael Harder, and is spreading rapidly.

A petition sponsored by Conservative MP and Shadow Minister for the Status of Women Rachael Harder is showing the deep concerns of Canadians opposed to Justin Trudeau’s Bill C-71, legislation which seeks to create a backdoor gun registry.

It’s spreading fast, showing the strong opposition of Canadians to Trudeau’s attempt to bring back the long-gun registry by stealth.

The petition is E-1608 (Firearms), and the text is below:



  • Bill C-71, An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms, does nothing to tackle firearms violence, but rather adds further red-tape on law abiding firearms owners;
  • This legislation brings back the useless and ineffective long-gun registry; and
  • This legislation does not provide the resources to frontline police forces to tackle the true source of firearms violence : gangs and organized criminal enterprises.

We, the undersigned, Residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to scrap Bill C-71, An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms, and to instead devote greater resources to policing in Canada.

Representing the voice of the people

Trudeau loves to talk about how “Canadians think” or “Canadians believe,” yet every time he uses those phrases it always turns out that he’s proposing something Canadians oppose.

Of course, he won’t be saying that about opposition to Bill C-71, even though it’s clear that Canadians believe the legislation is a terrible idea.

So, that’s why this petition matters – even though Trudeau will ignore it. Rural Liberal MPs – many of whom are on terrified that they are on the path to defeat – will certainly pay attention to how quickly this poll is spreading. The more signatures it gets the more scared those MPs will be.

I have signed it, and I encourage you to sign it as well. The link is below:


Spencer Fernando

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Dennis R Young

BRIAN LILLEY: HERE IS AN IDEA TO KEEP GUNS AWAY FROM CRIMINALS Dennis Young is one of the people behind the petition, sponsored in Parliament by Conservative MP Pierre Paul-Hus. Young is upset that while he is tracked by police, the people that are proven dangerous are not. “They’re the ones that are the most risk to public and police safety. They are the most likely to get guns illegally, police should know where they live,” Young said. “These are the guys that Goodale says his bill is aimed at and he missed them completely By Brian Lilley, Canadian Politics… Read more »

john munn

as a hunter , fisher i am totally against this

Rudy Hiebert

Sportsman like hunters and trap shooters and rural people who own guns have nothing to get mad about. It’s about starting somewhere to keep guns from the crazies.

Clive Edwards

You can say that after the High River Gun Raids by RCMP and the Army during the flooding a couple of years ago? That the RCMP went back as many times as necessary to locate and confiscate guns, even those locked up, proves they had access to an illegal copy of the long gun registry. The new laws are designed to keep that illegal registry up to date.


Ruby Hiebert, Pray tell as to how the new liberal act (Bill C-71) would keep the guns away from crazies, criminals & terrorists?? How does giving RCMP power to make gun-control laws would keep criminals from owning & using guns?? How does prohibiting 2 guns which were legally acquired by law-abiding gun owners and have never been used in any crime or converted from semi-auto to full auto (which is practically impossible & RCMP knows it very well), as implied by the RCMP, would keep guns away from terrorists & criminals. Read it carefully & you’ll see all it does… Read more »


Actually the bill does nothing to accomplish this. Thats the problem with it. If you actually read the bill. It limits the firearms avail to legitimate enthusiests that have already gone through background checks and such. It also gives the rcmp the power to create laws. Something that a police force shouldnt do. Thats called a military dictatorship. Id rather leave the law making to the elected officials. Its a slippery slope folks.

Glenn Ellis

Do not fool yourself. It starts with the three gun and pcc and IPSIC shooters. This does nothing to address criminal use of firearm or the smuggled firearms. For those fools who make statements about keeping guns out of crazies hands or “military firearms” they will support the removal of your property rights and engaging in a firearm sport. Yup that is what people in Germany said in the 1930 not me The Nationalist Party is only …For a Tito or Stalin to come for your property is to start with who has the property registered in the book.

Joanne Thauberger

And who determines who the ‘crazies’ are? The crazies in power? No, it is the first step of gun confiscation from everyone. Then Trudeau’s Globalist/NewWorldOrder/EU/UN minions can just waltz right in.

He is in the process of illegally changing our system of government to a ‘post-national state’. The very system he swore an oath to protect and serve and he has no power or mandate to do. He is enacting a coup right under our noses.

Rick Fingers

First M103, then the guns & then he makes Sharia Law the Law of Canada!!! Time to end this Idiots rule of Canada before it is no longer safe for your Daughters & Wives from Rape & Free Speech for Canada!!!!! WE will be like England within 5 years!!!


Rick Fingers I completely agree with you….


well said! Trudeau is a traitor to Canada

Cynthia McNabb

Disarming the people opens the door to criminals. Criminals will obtain guns by any means nessicairy, leaving the population of honest people defenceless. It will only make things worse.

Rick Churchill

The Liberals will never stop vilifying and criminalizing law-abiding citizens in an effort to appear concerned for public safety, while doing nothing to deal with actual criminals and gang-related activity. To a Liberal, substance is in the “virtuous” appearance, not in the result.


Your right. Trudeau opens the doors to illegal refugees. Come on in, all borders are open and then if that’s, not bad enough he allows Isis fighters back into Canada to rehabilitate them on our tax dollar with poetry. Trudeau then stiffens our speech by bringing in M-103.


The “useless and ineffective” Trudeau govt is destroying us and taking away more of our rights to freedom of speech, self-respect and self-preservation. The wave of rural crime in Alberta is terrifying. The laws that make the gun-carrying farmers the perps and the thieving criminals the victims must be changed. We must be allowed to defend ourselves. A cop once told me I would be arrested if I told him I carry my Swiss army knife for protection, but it’s OK if I carry it as a letter opener or some such non-violent use. Insanity. I am fed up with… Read more »


The reason petition says ‘Resident of Canada’ instead of ‘Citizens of Canada’ is that anybody residing in Canada (e.g. permanent resident & TFW as well) is qualified for PAL/RPAL.
Although, I think only Canadian citizens should be allowed to exercise their gun ownership right but then again we don’t have a right to own a firearm it’s a privilege granted to us by our overlords the elites of big govt.

Lian Walton

I have signed it and have encouraged others to do the same – We wait for the petition to remove this person who would be PM of Canada .


Given the deadline for this petition is July 26, 2018, at 10:55 a.m. (EDT); is there a chance the bill could be passed beforehand? Seems like more than enough time for lieberals to put ANOTHER knife into the fabric of our nation.


Hope the Conservatives are keeping track of all the laws the Liberals are changing so they can go back to becoming laws that are good for all Canadians. This foreign government that is denying our Canadian way, Canadians use to be very law abiding because our system though not perfect was pretty good. The foreign Liberal/NDP separatist government makes it very hard for our good police to serve and protect us. Law abiding Canadians do not need this, either. Protect our borders and our people, make good communities here again, get rid of all the Chaos and anarchy this foreign… Read more »

John Boyle

I think it is not necessary and won’t stop the criminals at all.

Tommy Hawk

I say to you now, and I said it back in 1969 when Pierre brought our his version of ‘gun control’ that the legislation was so worded as to allow any interpretation, by anyone authorized to do so, in any way, for any reason, at any time, under any conditions, to any extent, which, by definition, made it qualify as ‘bad law.’ Nothing else — just intentional bad law. I also opined at the time and stand on three comments: “It is not a proper function of the law to place a peaceful person, pursuing peaceful activities in jeopardy.” “We… Read more »

Christopher Kastner

Any whom support disarmament fail to understand basic rule of law. No one owns another which puts socialist governance in direct violation of the Magna Carta and The British North America Act and even the Bible.
Forces already beyond their spiritual and humanitarian mandate have violated mandatory dictates for profit. Almost all political leaders have abandoned the rule of law because they can.
Most of them can be indicted and found guilty of treason under clearly established basic law.

Christopher Kastner

Are there no truly virtuous persons in position of power?
Is Canada so corrupt as to bow down to any major influx of “Soros” money?
Our justice system needs to be immediately shut down because there is a
clear and present, repetitive procedure that penalizes the “lessor” middle class and
absolves the higher ups.
We need Donald Trump style legislation that confiscates public and personal wealth
from any “suspected” as they should be guilty without trial, as is their modus operandi.
This needs to STOP!

Chris vrecko

To all coments above excellent. We cannot just roll over like a log and allow this government to put this through. I look at the Brit’s and they have no arms w which to defend themselves. We can’t let king just even to get away this.

Miles Lunn

While many may have signed this petition, not sure most Canadians oppose C-71. Most polls I’ve seen show most Canadians want tougher gun laws. The Gun registry in the 90s only become unpopular when the high price tag came in and it was the cost not the idea that made it unpopular. Lets remember only 18% of Canadians own firearms which is a significant number, but still a minority. As for the changes I don’t really have too big a problem and wish the Tories would focus on economic issues where Liberals are vulnerable rather than one’s like this. I… Read more »


Funny how the anti-gun lobby get a self serving, narrow focused 1500 person poll and, distort the facts and the media picks it up and claim the majority of Canadians want firearms band. Ekos’s flawed anti-gun survey of around 2300 and it claims majority of Canadians want stricter gun control, but almost 28,000 (at the moment) signed e-petition to counter C-71 and no one says the majority of Canadians are NOT in favour of stronger gun control, not to mention ineffective gun control.
And here I thought the national media were supposed to offer a Balanced view.

Pierre Coulombe

BILL C-71 is a complete outrage to our basic rights as responsible gun owners and law-abiding citizens.


I will sign anything against Trudeau. Bring it to me!


Throw it out for sure

patrick goulet

This bill does nothing to help public safety. repeals the Long term authorization to transport making it hard to do anything with restricted firearms, even though we’ve jumped through a thousand hoops already to even have the license. as for lifetime background checks, If I got in a bar fight in 1975 what does that have to do with me being a licensed firearm owner 43 years later. I wouldn’t mind 10 years, even 15 but lifetime is just a fishing expedition to bar people from owning guns. worst of all is the loss of accountability, when the RCMP decides… Read more »