Trudeau’s Increasingly Dictatorial Attitude Shows The Danger Of Centralized Power

A smaller and more decentralized federal government would be less of a target for power-hungry would be dictators like Justin Trudeau.

The longer he is in power, the more it becomes clear that Justin Trudeau’s admiration for China’s basic dictatorship goes beyond just one dumb comment.

It’s his ideal, and the goal he is striving towards.

Trudeau and his compliant MPs are moving in only one direction: Less freedom and more centralized power.

The Canadian federal government is already far too powerful as an institution, having spread its tentacles into all levels of administration and all aspects of our lives.

Now, that power has been put into the hands of a leader who clearly sees democracy as a waste of time, and wants to be able to silence his opponents and govern without any dissent or accountability.

Had Trudeau acted like this before he took power, Canadians never would have elected him. Unfortunately – aside from a few slip-ups like the China dictatorship comment – Trudeau campaigned as someone who would bring a never-before-seen level of democracy, accountability, and openness to the government.

Instead, he has betrayed all those promises, and is running the least accountable and least transparent government in modern times.

His government has also taken steps to make dissent and criticism into criminal acts, by slowly but surely seeking to extend the definition of ‘hate speech’ to include those who disagree with his political program.

They are already laying the groundwork of demonization, as ministers of the government have attacked Canadians as ‘neanderthals,’ ‘bigots,’ ‘islamophobes,’ ‘racists,’ and more, all in an attempt to delegitimize opposition.

Meanwhile, Trudeau is using his vast authority to impose regulations upon the country that are killing investment, while his carbon tax is being imposed on unwilling provinces – all because he has the personal desire to virtue-signal as if he’s ‘taking action.’

Massive power in the hands of one unfit person

Justin Trudeau’s dictatorial attitude would be a mere annoyance – rather than the danger that it is – if we had a much smaller federal government.

After all, if the federal government had less control over the provinces, and less overall money to spend, then a bad Prime Minister could only do so much damage. If provinces, local communities, and families had more money and power relative to the federal government, then we would see more policy experimentation, and more accountability – since decision makers would more directly feel the impact of their decisions.

Our democracy would also be stronger, as people would feel less demoralized than under the current situation where a powerful and often-distant federal government makes decisions without ever hearing from those effected by those decisions.

For example, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna basically brags about destroying the Canadian coal industry – which will throw thousands of people out of work. Why should the government have the power to do that in the first place?

Ironically, our government was supposed to be more decentralized originally, but the federal government has steadily usurped more and more power, leading to a situation in which one bad leader like Justin Trudeau can do serious damage to the economic and social fabric of our country.

A step towards fixing this problem has already been articulated by Maxime Bernier, who proposed shifting $37 billion worth of spending power from the federal government to provincial governments, in what would amount to the most massive decentralization seen in modern Canadian history. And while Andrew Scheer has not pushed for the same proposal, the fact that Bernier came so close to the Conservative Leadership suggests that there are a large number of Canadians who want to see more decentralization.

The key is to build upon that core support for decentralizing the federal government, and Justin Trudeau’s dangerous agenda is a key way to show the threat of centralized power. After all, many people are starting to realize that the power of the central government is the very thing that allows someone like Justin Trudeau to become so dangerous.

It’s also important to realize that Canadians should not be put in the position of having to hope that a candidate keeps their promises, and then having to wait four years while more and more power is taken away from us. If the government was less powerful, four years wouldn’t be enough time for much damage to be done.

Fixing the underlying problem of a federal government that is far too big and far too powerful will help inoculate our nation from future leaders like Justin Trudeau, and ensure the protection of both our financial and individual freedoms.

Spencer Fernando

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