Wynne Wants People To Forget That Nothing Is Really ‘Free’

‘Free’ programs are paid for with higher taxes and higher debt, both of which will keep getting worse if Kathleen Wynne remains in power.

A new survey from Forum Research shows a mixed reaction to Kathleen Wynne’s ‘promise everything under the sun’ budget.

The top-line horserace numbers have narrowed, with the PCs leading at 36%, the Liberals at 29%, and the NDP at 26%. That is a change from the first Forum poll conducted after Doug Ford’s leadership victory, where the PCs had 44%, the NDP 27%, and the Liberals 23%.

That shows the flurry of big announcements as part of the Ontario budget may have boosted the Liberals numbers. A temporary boost after a huge-spending budget that gets lots of media attention is to be expected.

However, the poll also showed that just 24% approve of the budget, while 44% say they disapprove. 32% neither approve nor disapprove.

45% say the budget makes them less likely to vote Liberal, while just 18% say it’s more likely to make them vote Liberal. Additionally, 38% say the budget will be bad for the economy, compared to 22% who say it will be good for the economy.

And in numbers that provide a clear path for the Doug Ford PCs to succeed, 56% say they prefer a balanced budget, compared to 44% who say they want more government spending.

That last number will be important for the PCs, as they must share the message that nothing is really free.

After all, some of the ‘free’ policies being proposed by Wynne are popular when considered apart from the overall budget situation, with 74% supporting ‘reducing overcrowding at hospitals,’ and 68% saying they support ‘improving home care,’ among the most popular parts of the budget.

Of course, support for those ideas is to be expected, since everybody wants the healthcare and homecare systems improved in some way or another. Yet, there is not an unlimited amount of money, so promising to ‘fix’ something and actually allocating resources to fix it are another thing.

Nothing is free, and every dollar the Liberals promise is money taken out of the pockets of taxpayers, and out of the pockets of future generations through massive debt increases. Ontario already has the largest sub-sovereign debt on earth, with roughly $1 BILLION spent every month on debt servicing costs. That money is the cost of all the previous ‘free’ programs that were financed through budget deficits, and is money that can’t be spent on healthcare, homecare, infrastructure, and everything else.

It will be essential for the PCs to make this point in the campaign, and make clear that Wynne is trying to bribe people with their own money to stay in power, even though she knows it is having a destructive impact on the province and the future of every Ontarian.

Nothing in life is free, especially when it’s promised by a desperate politician.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Voss

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

Brian Dougan

PC’s=36% vs Liberals @ 29% What’s wrong with these numbers? Mr. Wynne’s slithering party should be at 0.029%. Not 29% What on earth is the matter with voters?? McGuinty and Wynne have absolutely destroyed Ontario–and “Mr.” Wynne and her serpents are at 29%??????

C’mon Ford Nation. Lock it up. We need you; Ontario needs you. Bury that old troll and her evil party.


Traditional families with children are becoming fewer still, more single parents or lgbtq couples raising children now according to what I have read, but many people in Ontario are single adults still living at home. Unless you work for the government here you are very often working for small money and struggling, although some good jobs remain. All government workers, teachers, police, beer, liquor, (and pot soon) all government run hydro 40% now (wynne sold the rest) water etc., etc.. will vote Wynne, she has convinced them that they will loose jobs and benifits if Ford gets in. Struggling families… Read more »


Influx of immigration has to stop immediately to allow the balance of the provincial budget. Lets not forget the report of the auditor general of Ontario where the Wynn finances are totally chaotic. Isnt that enough to convince sensible voters?


How about cutting size of bureaucracy? Does this ever enter a Liberal mind as a way to reform and pay for health care, home care, etc? No. Of course not. Goverment jobs are liberal government votes forever.

Miles Lunn

I’ve heard from another pollster on twitter the shift happened largely due to the undecided breaking heavily for the Liberals as a way to stop Doug Ford. Doug Ford due to his controversial time on city council carries a lot of baggage so I am not surprised this happened. He has a strong core, but amongst swing voters is not well liked. The good news for him is if he runs a strong campaign he can turn this around, but he needs to be very disciplined and avoid shooting off from the hip. Harper going into the 2006 election had… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

Wynne, as with all Liberals, constantly tries to cover up their own incompetence by pretending the electorate are too stupid to catch on.

When the electorate does catch on, the Liberal mentality hauls out more and more drivel in an attempt to confuse the real issue(s). Typical of the Liberals, but also a trademark of all the political parties.

B White

No man ever went broke overestimating the stupidity of the common man.