ARROGANCE: Chinese Communist Party Mouthpiece ‘Global Times’ Calls For “Punishment” Against “Small” Canada

Newspaper controlled by the Chinese Communist Party takes insulting and threatening line towards Canada – showing what the Communist regime really thinks about our nation.

Behind all the friendly globalist talk, we’re now finding out what China really thinks about Canada.

The Global Times – a newspaper controlled and run by the Communist Party of China – has taken an insulting, arrogant, and threatening line towards Canada.

As noted by Reuters, the paper attacked Canada for proposed measures against steel being dumped into Canada (often from China) and then shipped into the US to bypass tariffs.

Here are some key parts of the Global Times article:

“Canada’s steel imports from China only make up 9.8 percent of its total imports, with nearly no aluminum imports from China. In fact, Canada is more like a US colony economically, and half of its trade is with the US.”

“Meanwhile, China is Canada’s second largest trading partner, with the fastest growth in trade. The two countries enjoy sound trade ties and have no major disputes. But by following the US suit, Canada is acting like a crafty merchant.”

“Chinese people used to hold full respect for Western countries. But as their exchanges grow, these countries begin unveiling their selfish and cunning nature.”

After saying they doubt that Canada and the European Union can be convinced by Washington to “go against China,” the article takes a darker, and more insulting line:

“We despise the way Canada vacillates between China and the US, and won’t readily let this go. Beijing should take punitive measures against Ottawa’s actions that undermine the interests of Chinese business, sending a warning to others.”

“China’s Ministry of Commerce will figure out the most effective way to carry out the punishment. We have professional teams to cope with small countries of this kind.”

Of course, nothing like this gets written without the approval of those at the top of China’s Communist Party, so regardless of any attempts to claim otherwise, this is clearly how China’s government views Canada.

They want “punitive measures” taken against us, using us as an “example” to send a warning to others. They arrogantly refer to us as a “small” country, and say they have “effective” ways to “carry out the punishment.”

The arrogance shows that – despite China calling Canada a ‘colony’ of the US – the Communist regime wants to turn us into an economic colony of China.

Their attitude is about dictating to Canada – a far cry from media friendly rhetoric of “global cooperation.”

Once again, we see that dealing with China is not like dealing with democratic allies. And yet, rather than show strength and respond with toughness to China’s arrogance, Justin Trudeau is busy picking a fight with the democratic Indian government. He must be too cowardly and to weak to stand up for Canada against the ‘basic dictatorship’ he loves so much.

Spencer Fernando

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“effective way to carry out the punishment” – This clearly indicates they WILL be going after Canada. The comment wouldn’t have been made off the cuff. Trudeau’s Communist Chinese friends already have plans in place and only use the boy – child PM as their useful idiot.

Business is business, and Trudeau’s butts kissing has no effect. Can we expect to hear that the Chinese Communist Liberal owners of the senior’s complexes in BC will only allow only Chinese TFW’s and old decrepit sick Chinese seniors imported right from China as residents?


Whoever wrote that article in the Global whatever needs to brush up his writing skills BIG TIME since it has to be his/her profession. To me that this twit writes that we are under the wing of the US is actually a great compliment, it means we are FAMILY. We have similar goals and interests. Fortunately, we cant say the same for China who is the one cunning player in this combination. Our safety and regulations body is working 24 hour /day all year long to keep up with all the poisoning elements contained in everything that comes from China… Read more »


Careful there, or we’ll sic Richmond on ya.


Wasn’t Trudeau getting ready to go there again soon LOL, hope they keep him to punish us. I was reading the Sun news about the 1500. plate elite dinner and one comment by Ken Almond told a joke I found quite cute: Medical Convention: An Israeli Doctor says: Israels medicine is so advanced that we cut off a mans testicles and transplanted them to another man and in six weeks he was out and looking for work. A German doctor pipes up and says: That’s nothing we take part of a brain and put it in another man and in… Read more »


Nancy, you nailed it! lol

Norbert Kausen

I have been saying THAT for a long time!!! The Chinese are not our friends, they are the enemy! I have repeatedly stated that, whenever I could, especially when uninformed, naive people would try to discredit me and claim that the Chinese are our economic “partners”, without knowing my background! When I was in the army, China was one of my target countries of interest, to study and report on. I have been familiar with their history, their modus operendi and their propagnda apparatus. The Chinese Communist Party / People’s Army knows who I am… I was on their list… Read more »

Joanne Thauberger

China is responsible for the most greenhouse emission, at around 30%. Canada is at around 1.6%. Did they impose a carbon tax on their citizens? The smog in Bangkok is so thick you could cut it with a knife; and that is a daily occurrence. Now that they are supposedly so rich; they should clean up the mess they made of their country. That is their duty; no one else’s. Their country is so over populated (1,388,232,693 – thats a density of 147.87 per square kilometre.) that abortions are preformed at an alarming rate. Exact statistics on the number of… Read more »


Maybe our liberal majority government should learn how to structure a comment. In common words put brain into action before putting mouth in to gear would be a good start. This isn’t a drama school play, you use the wrong wording with some other countries and are little country with no real military to speak of is history. Especially now that we follow the United States shirt tales.
This country has gone to hell in a hand basket.

alan skelhorne

hey mark,
i beg to differ that we are holding on the usa,s shirt tails.
where have you been sice mr. prissypants came to power.
the usa will announce, after mr. prissypants wins his second term,
that canada will no longer be an ally, don,t you know why mr. prissypants,
pulled back the jets killing his future followers.we are done as a country.
if mr. prissypants gets a second term, you better start following the quarn, and learn how to speak arabic.

Tommy Hawk

This clearly demonstrates the ‘he’ is in a league of which he has no understanding and mistakes the handshakes and smiles as somehow ‘recognizing his talent’ — all the while snickering behind the curtains.

A child clearly cannot compete at a level way above their intellectual capabilities.


The chinese have been given unprecedented positions on chinese workers and employment rules for chinese projects in Canada. China is annoyed by the lack of ability to get its produced oil to the coast for use by china as it sees fit bypassing the market price structure. China is frustrated that America wants published accounting of imported products from china so as Canada is no longer used by China to dump its goods into America through the Nafta agreement. China is bothered that its currency manipulation will fail and its cost of production and manufacturing advantage will be lost. China… Read more »


This shouldn’t surprise anyone. In a Washington Times 2017 article, there are many Chinese spies working in the US. How many are already here in Canada? How many, loyal to their Communist govt are here as people “seeking a better life” and all the other reasons they immigrate.