Despite Being Right Next To Alberta, B.C. Heads Towards Record-High Gas Prices

The consequence of carbon taxes and radical anti-oil industry policies.

Despite being right next door to a province with gargantuan oil reserves, British Columbia is heading towards record-high gas prices, in what is sure to be a terrible situation for the economy and B.C. consumers.

According to a CTV story, “ analyst Dan McTeague is calling for gas prices in Metro Vancouver to top the current $1.57 per litre record, reaching $1.61 per litre near the end of next week. Starting Sunday, the first of four annual increases to the province’s carbon tax will add 1.22 cents to the cost of a litre of gas. B.C. Premier John Horgan said he doesn’t believe drivers will “begrudge that penny,” knowing it’s been earmarked to fund green initiatives. McTeague said that hike alone will push prices to as much as $1.56 per litre.”

Also contributing to the high prices are “gasoline supply in the region continues to be choked by a lack of pipeline capacity and a refinery that is shut down for maintenance. “That is creating a chronic shortage,” he said. “The only solution left really for Vancouver (is) it has to wake up. It has to recognize the only way to get more gasoline down there is the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.”’

This shows the real-life consequences of carbon taxes and the result of the radical opposition towards Canada’s energy industry.

It’s easy for Horgan to say B.C. drivers won’t “begrudge that penny,” since he makes a big salary, but for the majority of people who are already struggling with the high cost of living and high debts, every penny taken out people’s pockets is harmful.

Frankly, it’s absolutely absurd that B.C. has such a problem with high gas prices when they are right beside Alberta, and that could only happen with a mix of radical-ideology, incompetence, and flat out stupidity.

B.C. – and all of Canada – should have among the lowest gas prices in the world. Yet, because of ‘leaders’ who have put their ideology – often influenced by foreign organizations who want to destroy Canada’s energy industry – ahead of common sense, we have been betrayed when it comes to our economic interests.

As a result, there will be more poverty, less growth, and tons of wasted economic potential. We will be paying the price – both literally and figuratively – for a very long time.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Tommy Hawk

Two bandits complimenting each other on the ability of each to steal and to cover it up with a fairy tale.

But, being somewhat slower than the average snail and more innocent than the day-old child, Canadians walked right into the trap — and now we are where weare.

Can we survive? That, at this moment in history, is the unanswerable question.


Spencer – that’s not a disadvantage to the uber-lefties on Canada’s Left Coast, that’s the intended result. The lower mainland, in particular, has all sorts of extra taxes to help pay for “green” transit. That said transit doesn’t meet the needs of most of the inhabitants of that area is irrelevant; it just proves said inhabitants haven’t properly absorbed the message about how much inconvenience (and wasted time) they are expected to suck up each day to prove their “green” credentials and to atone for the sin of being alive and living in that area.


Gas is atrociously high at this point. The long term cost will be great. I do believe they want to “break” the West, even though we are (alas) doing just fine in Lalaland West Coast regarding all the liberal values. Just diversions from the real matters, such as why our gas goes up so suddenly. My credit union used to keep a water cooler for customers; it disappeared last month. When asked where it had gone, the clerk explained that the bank decided having water delivered was bad for its “carbon footprint” and decided in the name of said issue,… Read more »


And here we go, just as I have said many times already, not until it hits people in the wallet will they pay attention to what is going on in Canada. We are all going to suffer more, things will get even harder. What else can you expect under Trudeau and Horgan’s socialist experiments? I live in BC but my roots are from AB and it makes me sick to watch this. I wonder if these socialist leanings in BC are from the spawn of the hippies and their free love and communal living era. Case in point – Maggie… Read more »

Claire farmer

Gas, Gonna be soon at $3.00 per litre, food tines by 10, everything else, (y’all know that it’s going to rise up in price, how else can the government gets more money out of you ?) Like I said somewhere , your wage 10.00 per hour, your taxes .75 cents per hour, your tKe home pay .25 cents per hour , to house, clothes, feed you and your family (Never mention a vehicle here because y’all can’t afford insurance and gas along with repairs no more on your wage) Get rid of trudeau. Bet rid of both of our provincial… Read more »

Claire farmer

Excuse the spelling mistakes please, don’t know how to edit that post