Ford PCs Rip Wynne Liberals For $2 BILLION Tax Hike

$2 billion in tax hikes buried on page 249 of the Ontario Liberal budget say PCs.

The Ontario PC Party is drawing attention to $2 billion in tax hikes on Ontario families and businesses.

In a release, the PCs said 1.8 million Ontarians will see their personal taxes increased by $200 per year, adding up to $855 million in tax hikes in the next three years.

There will also be tax hikes against 20,000 businesses – who are paying $2,400 per year, for a three year total of about $100 million.

And finally, the PCs ripped the Wynne government for copying Justin Trudeau’s widely-hated tax hikes on small businesses, which will lead to a tax increase of a whopping $1 billion in the next three years.

Said Ontario PC Finance Critic Vic Fedeli, “The Wynne Liberals are on a re-election spending spree, and the only way they will be able to pay for it is by taking more money out of Ontario families’ pockets. If the Premier is willing to raise taxes by $2 billion just weeks before an election, just imagine what she will do if she’s re-elected.”

“Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals can’t be trusted. They will do, say, or promise anything to cling to power,” added Fedeli. “It’s time for a change in Ontario. The Ontario PC Party will respect the taxpayer, and bring relief to Ontario families and businesses.”

These tax hikes show how desperate the Ontario Liberals are to extract even more money from taxpayers, who are already being gouged by extremely high energy costs, carbon taxes, and are being saddled with huge amounts of debt from Wynne’s reckless policies.

As the release pointed out, if Wynne is hiking taxes by billions even with an election is approaching, we can only expect that even bigger tax hikes would occur if she was re-elected.

It’s another reason that the Ford agenda of lower taxes is needed now more than ever.

Spencer Fernando

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Elizabeth Thorne

We will all lose if Wynne is re-elected.

Wendy Lush

Drain the swamp, Doug.


Is there someone so blind out there that they would vote for Wynn again. Wynn=disaster.Her government is increasing taxes with impunity wherever she can squeeze the small guys. Well, the small guys have had enough. Wynn be gone!

Tommy Hawk

Cut to the chase. NO Liberal can ever be trusted — unless trusting them to be Liberals counts — nothing else — they lie, they steal, they cover up, the ‘invent needs’ to tax and on and on — sooner or later it has to come to an end, or the whole system will impolode.

Miles Lunn

I agree Wynne is a disaster but the main tax hike was $275 million and that was by eliminating the high income surtax and instead replacing it with brackets. The reason for the hike is Wynne rounded them up rather than down but my understanding is no one saw more than $200 in an income tax hike which is pretty small. Also while taxing the rich more is bad for the economy, most people don’t understand this so playing this up just allows Wynne to play the idea Ford favours the rich. A better solution is argue first they raised… Read more »


All of the Lieberal mainstream news here in Ontario, has not mentioned this, just how great all the perks are that will be handed out free????? How Wynne is again rising in the polls and how Rob Ford is going to gut all of the un free great things Wynne has done for us all. How many people will lose their jobs because of Rob Ford, Slanted Lieberal news in most cases, unless it is critical of Rob Ford. Wow no one looks past this here , how sad., I even have been asked where I even heard this, so… Read more »

David Gray

What free things? Somebody will be paying for it. And where does she get her money from? You and I. So who will be paying for all these (not so) free things. Yup, you got it, you and I.


“Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals can’t be trusted.” Wrong. The liberal gov’t in Ontario can be trusted. Trusted to drive the citizens of Ontario into penury. That in it’s self will drag Canada down the same path.