Catholic Churches In Halifax Found Defaced On Easter Sunday

At least two Churches were defaced with anti-Christian graffiti.

On Easter Sunday, two Catholic Churches in Halifax were found to have been defaced with anti-Christian graffiti.

As noted by the Chronicle Herald, “At least two Catholic parishes were hit with graffiti overnight on Saturday — vandals spray-painted the front doors of both St. Benedict Church on Radcliffe Drive in Clayton Park and St. Agnes Church on Mumford Road with the words “f**k Jesus” in red. A hand with the middle finger raised was also depicted.”

The graffiti left parishioners shocked, and Father Paul Morris expressed the concerns of many when he asked, “Is this simply an act of petty vandalism or is there a more sinister message that is trying to be delivered here to Christians, I can’t answer that. It’s that unknowing that’s the most unsettling part.”

On Twitter, people pointed out that anti-Christian bigotry is a reality in Canada.

Notably, while Andrew Scheer has tweeted about the anti-Christian vandalism, Justin Trudeau has apparently not yet tweeted about it:

Said Scheer, “Saddened to hear about this despicable act of hate against a place of worship on Easter morning, one of the most important days in the Christian faith. Hoping the Halifax Regional Police finds those responsible.”

The corrupt elites do everything they can to avoid talking about the fact that Christians remain the most oppressed religious faith in the world. It’s also rarely mentioned that in most Christian-majority countries, people of all faiths are welcomed, while in many other countries – particularly countries run by Islamic regimes – Christians and other religious minorities are treated horrendously.

To see anti-Christian bigotry in Canada is very disturbing, and all leaders must stand up against it with strength and resolve.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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