Contempt For Taxpayers: Trudeau Government Spent Almost $700K On Davos Globalist Gathering

Among the expenses were luxury accommodations at hotels.

When Justin Trudeau went to the gathering of the globalist elites in Davos, he made a big deal about saying Canada wouldn’t respond to US tax reform with tax cuts of our own.

For some reason, Trudeau thought he was bragging, even though we are seeing investment fleeing Canada as our competitiveness falls while companies and money head south.

Now, we’re finding out that Trudeau’s speech wasn’t the only total waste in Davos.

According to a Globe & Mail report, the Trudeau government spent almost $700,000 in taxpayer dollars at the globalist gathering – and the final price tag could be even higher.

“The total cost of the three-day trip in January to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland was $678,000, most of that for hotels, office and room rentals and transportation, according to figures recently tabled in Parliament.”

As Charlie Angus of the NDP said, “Davos is such a symbol of the superpowerful hanging with the super powerful, to no discernible benefit to ordinary people. So spending that much money is really not justifiable.”

Conservative MP Erin O’Toole ripped Trudeau for the lack of results:

“The [Prime Minister] and some of his lead ministers going to Davos to lecture people and to pontificate hasn’t led to anything. I can’t tell you what the Trudeau strategy is to create jobs and to gain investments from these trips.”

Of course, Trudeau can’t tell anyone the strategy either, because there isn’t one. The budget didn’t balance itself, and it turns out that there is actually a correlation between lower taxes and fewer regulations, and the amount of jobs and investment.

Huh, what a concept…

It would have been very easy for Trudeau to skip the conference and send a much smaller and cheaper team of just a minister and some staff. Or even better, send nobody at all. And if he felt such a need to speak, just use today’s modern technology and send a video.

But no. Instead we have to pay.

Governments have spent far too much time being influenced by the Davos elites, who were instrumental in corrupting the system and destroying the prospects of middle-class and working-class people.

Unfortunately for Canada, Justin Trudeau is a big time globalist, and shares the Davos agenda of eliminating national borders, expanding the power of central government and multinational corporations, demonizing nationalism, and wiping out patriotism.

Basically, we’re being forced to pay for the weakening of our own country.

It’s contempt for Canadian taxpayers, especially when we consider all the things the government says they can’t afford. Interesting how it seems there’s always money for Trudeau and the elites to live large in foreign countries, but never support for Canadians who need help the most.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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