CONTRAST: Scheer Strongly Condemns Defacing Of Halifax Churches, Trudeau Still Silent On Anti-Christian Hate

Justin Trudeau was very quick to comment on the Hijab Hoax story, yet over 24 hours after two Catholic Churches in Halifax were defaced, Trudeau hasn’t said anything.

As I reported earlier, two Catholic Churches in Halifax were found defaced with anti-Christian graffiti on Easter Sunday.

Many were quick to condemn the hateful anti-Christian message, including Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer:

Yet, Trudeau hasn’t spoken out like Scheer. In fact Trudeau hasn’t said anything about it.

As of this writing, the PMO website has an Easter message from Trudeau, and an update on his itinerary (personal days), yet nothing about the anti-Christian vandalism.

Making things worse, Trudeau’s Twitter account has been active during this time, retweeting the following messages since the vandalism took place:

So, Trudeau – or whoever runs his account – found time to tweet about a restaurant opening, but no time to tweet about a hateful message scrawled on two houses of faith in our country on the Holy day of Easter Sunday.


We can see a huge contrast between Scheer and Trudeau here. Both Scheer and Trudeau tweeted about what turned out to be the Hijab Hoax, but Trudeau went far further and used it to condemn and lecture Canadians. Trudeau commented almost instantly after the ‘hijab attack’ took place, and made huge deal about it. He then never even apologized for hyping it up and helping make it an international story.

Meanwhile, with numerous photos and reports about the hate speech written on two churches, Trudeau says nothing.

It’s a blatant double-standard, and it leaves many Canadian Christians wondering why Justin Trudeau treats some people in our country in a totally different way, instead of standing up against hatred wherever it comes from or wherever it’s directed.

Once again, we see that Justin Trudeau only ‘cares’ about certain groups when he sees a political benefit, and doesn’t have the courage to stand up for all Canadians the way a real leader should. Canadians must remember this at election time.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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What do you expect from someone who is mentally ill.


To say that is just plan stupid!


Stupidity and narcissism is not a mental illness. Stop giving him the credit of a “dosorder”


Spencer – do you really think our PM cares in the least when Christian churches are vandalized? What will be interesting is when the local constabulary try to look for a motive – as in not a “hate crime”. Watch them try to deny that the wording painted on the walls is merely the work of “pranksters”.


BTW. would you believe that justin wished christians a Happy Easteŕ from a script. Not surprising he has nothing to say against those who defaced the churches and neither did the media but, had it been mosques, he would have demanded an instant investigation into the matter.

Moe S.

Yes, Trudeau was attending the opening of the Ontario’s first Jollibee chain, the McDonald’s of the Philippines. The Filipino population near the Scarborough restaurant location represents 12.9 per cent of the people from the Philippines. Thousands (mostly Filipino) came from across the greater Toronto area for the opening day. Typical Trudeau, using the Filipino people as political props. He knows he will need the 416 & 905 votes in the next election, and thousands were gathered for the day to chow down on fried chicken, Filipino spaghetti, and mango peach pies. Hey, vandalism of a couple of Catholic churches, nothing… Read more »

Eric Blair

Maybe what Trudeau (and for that matter Butts) does realize is the Filipinos are big time Catholics and that they too have trouble with Islamic terrorist in the southern party of their homeland. I can see this lack of comment backfiring on him.

Ninna Poulen

Goes to show where his loyalties lie…

Brian Dougan

We should have a countdown clock. “X” number of days remaining until this nincompoop is (hopefully) thrown out of office. Maybe it would be too painful to watch. Regarding the church defacing–during Easter–Trudeau’s silence (tacit approval??) takes hypocrisy to stratospheric levels. This “man” has no shame.


Trudeau is an islamist! What he has not to forget and his friends as well, that we outnumber them in large numbers. And his honeymoon is over!


No he just lives in a city that has many muslims, jewish and other religions and Canadians as a whole expect that we live mixed so Justin Trudeau has to keep a level playing field and you are the type of weak Christians who are easily offended by the PM showing support for other Canadians. If Trudeau was only favouring Islamics then his riding of many jewish people would speak up loudest.


Wow Steveoh, you have some nerve calling people “weak Christians” when Christian Canadians are only standing up and asking to be equally acknowledged and respected like other religions. I don’t understand how Trudeau ignoring this (ESPECIALLY ON THE HOLIEST OF CHRISTIAN DAYS) is “keeping a level playing field”. I presume you want us to “stand at the back of the bus” too? Shame on you.


If it happened to a mosque, Jihad Justin would apologise before the paint was dry!

Wendy Lush

Just like his dear old daddy, this is Justin’s big middle finger to Canada’s Christian roots.

“Evangelical Christians are the worst part of Canadian society” -Justin Trudeau


I was one the kids in that picture where old Trudeau gaves the Finger , I wish I could a picture back in the 1970s we never found about that for a couple weeks . That was Trudeau’s idea to run the press down east and the west press didn’t matter or get interviews , someone came back with picture . We were the Shepard Kids and shooting gophers and we were told to go to Train crossing and give the last car the finger . We had about 5 or 6 guns 22s for gophers . Lucky were on… Read more »


FIRST, we get the lie-berals out of Ontario – then out of Ottawa/Canada!!! VOTE: Ford then Scheer!


Or swim across lake Ontario, Erie and or whatever body of water separates you from your nervan’a on the other side–you connies! Liberals stay into power in Ontario, win federal election and Manitoba elects a Liberial government too!


Party at my house when none of your predictions come true!


You Steveoh will never recover, there is no cure for Stupid, not ignorant, not Margaret Trudeau insanity, nothing cures plain stupid. Not even tratious anti Canadian Malice. The Trudeau Family had used all of these. The Father was an effective Lying treasonist Traitor. His communist love was apparent yet he was still able to sway multitudes of Steveohs, all because of incurable Stupidity.

William Goddu

He has secondly tarnished his name and will forever be remembered as the treasonous cockaroach, he is!!

Clive Edwards

Passing strange, given the Philippine people are 90% Christian (80% being Roman Catholic, like our Prime Minister). If Canadians can’t get rid of this globalist bankers’ sock puppet, at least the Pope could ex-Communicate him.

Tommy Hawk

Clive — understood, sir, BUT — that would require a REAL miracle — and not gonna happen.


it is never nice to comment about a politicians family. I will do it this time however. I believe trudeaus mother took lots of drugs when she was pregnant with Justin. this person is not in touch with reality. I think the drugs she did screwed him up royally. he is like someone who is in the twilight zone or tooth fairy land. he is amoral to the extreme. he is so stupid he is dangerous. who else would have his wife take selfies with terrorists? I could go on and on about his inability to focus on reality. his… Read more »

Old white guy

Lol ya because the election will really matter and things will change.


Well the PM doesn’t have time to comment on everyday events going on around Canada. I assmue also he isn’t a fan of the graffiti artist, and spay painting on churches isn’t top priority for the day. Try him back on a slow governing day like Christmas or Easter.


Steveoh, typical liberal.. double standards are the norm. Lets keep wynne in power for ontario so that we can continue to sell off our assets. Go from 100 billion in debt to 320 billion in one term while having nothing to show for it except outrageous overtaxation. Liberals never lower taxes.. just spend and waste. Lets pay more for fuel and hydro in the name of green BS. It wont fix anything. It will just kill jobs and close places down. Places that were regulated and offered good paying jobs that will now move to China or Mexico and run… Read more »


He gets more media coverage when it is an attack/vandalism or hate speech on a minority faith/race to get the votes…

Alma Belhumeur

Trudeau is a biggot!!!