CONTRAST: Scheer Strongly Condemns Defacing Of Halifax Churches, Trudeau Still Silent On Anti-Christian Hate

Justin Trudeau was very quick to comment on the Hijab Hoax story, yet over 24 hours after two Catholic Churches in Halifax were defaced, Trudeau hasn’t said anything.

As I reported earlier, two Catholic Churches in Halifax were found defaced with anti-Christian graffiti on Easter Sunday.

Many were quick to condemn the hateful anti-Christian message, including Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer:

Yet, Trudeau hasn’t spoken out like Scheer. In fact Trudeau hasn’t said anything about it.

As of this writing, the PMO website has an Easter message from Trudeau, and an update on his itinerary (personal days), yet nothing about the anti-Christian vandalism.

Making things worse, Trudeau’s Twitter account has been active during this time, retweeting the following messages since the vandalism took place:

So, Trudeau – or whoever runs his account – found time to tweet about a restaurant opening, but no time to tweet about a hateful message scrawled on two houses of faith in our country on the Holy day of Easter Sunday.


We can see a huge contrast between Scheer and Trudeau here. Both Scheer and Trudeau tweeted about what turned out to be the Hijab Hoax, but Trudeau went far further and used it to condemn and lecture Canadians. Trudeau commented almost instantly after the ‘hijab attack’ took place, and made huge deal about it. He then never even apologized for hyping it up and helping make it an international story.

Meanwhile, with numerous photos and reports about the hate speech written on two churches, Trudeau says nothing.

It’s a blatant double-standard, and it leaves many Canadian Christians wondering why Justin Trudeau treats some people in our country in a totally different way, instead of standing up against hatred wherever it comes from or wherever it’s directed.

Once again, we see that Justin Trudeau only ‘cares’ about certain groups when he sees a political benefit, and doesn’t have the courage to stand up for all Canadians the way a real leader should. Canadians must remember this at election time.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube