REPORT: Haaretz Newspaper Says Trudeau Government To Bring In Thousands Of Rejected Asylum Seekers Being Deported From Israel

According to the report, “Canada will be the main country” taking in the deportees.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz is saying that Canada could be the main destination for rejected asylum seekers being deported from Israel.

According to the report, Israeli “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that Canada, Germany and Italy are among the countries that will take in asylum seekers after Israel signed a deal with the UN refugee agency canceling its mass deportation plan.”

“Interior Minister Arye Dery added that following tough negotiations with the UNHCR, Israel had agreed to resettle one asylum seeker in a Western country for every asylum seeker awarded temporary residency status in Israel. In a statement, the Prime Minister’s Office gave these numbers as 16,250 each. Currently more than 38,000 asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea live in Israel.”

Below is a short video report from Haaretz:

Most going to Canada?

In a Tweet, Haaretz, said that most of the deportees are expected to go to Canada:

“According to the deal, Canada will be the main country taking Israel’s asylum seekers”

What about Canadian citizens?

If the Haaretz report is indeed confirmed – as the Canadian government appears to have not yet commented – Canadians will be asking how Canada can keep affording to look after people from other nations while so many of our own citizens struggle.

Whether it’s Veterans, seniors, low-income Canadians, the struggling middle class, and many people living on reserves, many of our own citizens have been totally abandoned. As we know, Trudeau told Veterans that they were “asking for more than we are able to give,” yet he apparently has the money to bring in people who are being deported from another country.

Once again, it appears the Trudeau government is putting international virtue-signalling ahead of looking after our own Canadian citizens.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube