WATCH: Elitist McKenna Arrogantly Says She Has “No Time” For Canadians Who Disagree With Her

Guess that democracy thing is too burdensome for the environment minister.

The more the Trudeau government struggles, the more angry, arrogant, and dictatorial they become.

That was clearly shown in a recent interview where Evan Solomon grilled Catherine McKenna on the government’s floundering ‘climate plan.’

Solomon pointed out that the government – despite imposing carbon taxes on some unwilling provinces – is a decade behind their targets, and many provinces are poised to elect leaders who promise to fight the carbon tax.

He also noted that Alberta signed on to the federal climate plan in exchange for the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Yet, Alberta signed on, and the pipeline is being delayed to death.

Clearly, McKenna’s climate plan – which is a total scam designed to fleece taxpayers – is on the ropes. However, McKenna had no good answers to the questions put to her by Solomon, repeating tired talking points.

Then, she exhibited the arrogance that has become the trademark of the Trudeau government, saying she has “no time” for those who “don’t want to take action,” (AKA disagree with her climate plan).

Amazingly, Solomon actually had to remind McKenna that this is a democracy, saying “your job is to have time for folks who care about this issue and want to understand it.”

McKenna then desperately tried backtracking, saying she was talking about “politicians.” Of course, we know she was talking about everyone in Canada who has a different view than her, as she regularly smears all opponents as “deniers.”

You can watch the interview below:

It’s total arrogance that further reveals the mindset of the Trudeau government: They think any dissent is illegitimate and unacceptable, and they have total disdain for democracy and accountability.

That’s why they must be punished in the 2019 election.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Another dick tater like Trudeau!!!


The 2015 liberals form the largest bunch of cry babies that it is possible to pile in the house !! and she just may be the more obvious one …. nice if she could take the hot potato out of her mouth when addressing the public …

Civil Civilian

No we dont want your lies

Peter Wilson

To be gone soon – A liar (ooops – Lawyer) in a scientific portfolio (LOL)

Tommy Hawk

Well, now hear it from the horse’s mouth (I resist the temptation to add to that comment) that in effect, as with every Liberal politician, their collective interest is in only hearing their own policies and the effects thereof, seen and talked about within their viewpoint — and their viewpoint only.

It is shameful when the policies of any government can only be viewed and discussed within the scope of what the government views as correct.

Sort of reminds one of some of the more distasteful governments throughout history.

Roy Elsworth

solomon doug fords election is not close at all infact doug has the same amount between wynne and horgath

Pete Black

She took the bait -hook line and sinker. Of course she believes in climate change – her government needs more tax money to spend. Climate change is a global; political tax scam. The science is faulty. They cannot even measure the earth temperature and agree on any change. The models they use are rigged. Read CLIMATE CHANGE -THE FACTS. It’s all in there. There have always been floods, forest fires , hurricanes and earthquakes. The trees on earth need carbon to survive.
What a vicious hoax it is.


How can this woman be Minister of anything let alone the in the Federal Government. Flooding and fires have been around for a long time. You will have lots of time to think after 2019. Maybe she can meet Trudope at the skihill parking lot to burn one before the chairlift. The only one more dimwitted was the electorate. Stop using the kids to push this tax grab disguised as a planet savior. Its called weather you lying thieves

Brian Dougan

“McKenna’s climate plan – which is a total scam designed to fleece taxpayers.” I feel the need to bang my head against a wall. It’s such a painfully obvious tax scam–Why do so many people fall for it??? This flatulent egotist ought to be tied to a helium filled weather balloon–and released into outer space. Bye Bye Climate Barbie. Wait–There’s room for one more–Turdo is going too. He can re-think the “basic concept” of time and space–in space. Bye bye Sock Boy. Good riddance to both of you.

Ram Tuff

Lefties are liars
CO2 is life

Copy and pate in your browser ( Air Pollution in World: Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map )

Norbert Kausen

I had warned Canadians REPEATEDLY on chat lines and comments BEFORE these reprehensible miscreants were elected!!! The libwrals are finished and they will lose so badly, they will lose party staus!

Allis Chalmers

I am so sick of the lies to try and make themselves look good. Firstly the Arctic is not melting and in fact we have more ice coverage in both poles than there has been in years. In 2015 a young woman on a Massey Ferguson tractor traced Sir Edmond Hilliarys treck he made in 1952 and recorded the same weather re ice and temperatures to the South Pole. The carbon tax has zero to do with fake climate change and all to do with desperate need to steal monies from tax payers to cover the Liberal out of control… Read more »

Ron Voss

The mindset of the Trudeau government, namely, “They think any dissent is illegitimate and unacceptable, and they have total disdain for democracy and accountability”, totally aligned aligned with the mindset of this totalitarian regime, which admires a basic dictatorship like Communist China.

Eric Blair

Evan, some people in BC or should I say the lower mainland don’t want the Kinder Morgan expanded pipeline but not all. Hopefully, when Jason Kenney wins in Alberta he’ll follow up with his threat to cut off BC from the oil supplied by Alberta.

I’ve got the popcorn ready as I watch as the mayhem that will ensue.

Helen Warn

Well Climate Barbie. You STILL haven’t answered my basic question, although I have asked you many times, including e-mailing you at your official government e-mail address. And unlike you, Barbie, I have some qualifications, including a PhD in meteorology from McGill, and papers published in academic journals. So here it is, one again: What, exactly, is being *measured* to justify spending piles of money on this issue? And how accurate are those measurements, both now and over time? And how do you know what the contribution of human activity is to whatever you are measuring? Since AGW believers frequently bring… Read more »


In spite of her arrogance and complete contempt for Canada and Canadians, this barbie had better stop a second and remember who she works for. She works for us, we don’t exist for her gratification. No employee EVER tells their boss and employer that they don’t care what we think, and gt away with it. She is going to be punished severely at or even before the next election. She is not the untouchable god she thinks she is. As for Eric’s comment about BC getting cut off, consider the following. BC does NOT have the power it thinks it… Read more »

Ivan Hawkes

This woman and Justin are on par regarding their unbridled arrogance and constant deflecting any questions with their obscure so called answers. She states concern for future generations, which is fiction, as Justin GIVES AWAY MULTITUDES OF BILLIONS of our hard earned money for ridiculous reasons (then add stupid projects like their temporary skating rink costing too many millions) which shows only contempt for our children’s future. Empty words without any backup of “truthfully investigated” science (only PAID scientists reports that tow the LIEberal line are considered while unpaid scientists fact filled reports are ignored). She has NO CLUE on… Read more »

Jeff Dewe

Climate Barbie says we have flooding and fires due to the outcome of climate change. Well the flooding is usually do to snow melting meaning it was cold enough for snow in the first place, so that’s not climate warming, If it was it would be rain. Real climate change would be flooding because the oceans levels raised 1m in height due to all the melting of the arctic, which never happened!!. Then she blames fires on climate change, what a joke!! Forest fires happens because of lightning and arsonist and because we have more trees than any other country… Read more »