WATCH: Elitist McKenna Arrogantly Says She Has “No Time” For Canadians Who Disagree With Her

Guess that democracy thing is too burdensome for the environment minister.

The more the Trudeau government struggles, the more angry, arrogant, and dictatorial they become.

That was clearly shown in a recent interview where Evan Solomon grilled Catherine McKenna on the government’s floundering ‘climate plan.’

Solomon pointed out that the government – despite imposing carbon taxes on some unwilling provinces – is a decade behind their targets, and many provinces are poised to elect leaders who promise to fight the carbon tax.

He also noted that Alberta signed on to the federal climate plan in exchange for the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Yet, Alberta signed on, and the pipeline is being delayed to death.

Clearly, McKenna’s climate plan – which is a total scam designed to fleece taxpayers – is on the ropes. However, McKenna had no good answers to the questions put to her by Solomon, repeating tired talking points.

Then, she exhibited the arrogance that has become the trademark of the Trudeau government, saying she has “no time” for those who “don’t want to take action,” (AKA disagree with her climate plan).

Amazingly, Solomon actually had to remind McKenna that this is a democracy, saying “your job is to have time for folks who care about this issue and want to understand it.”

McKenna then desperately tried backtracking, saying she was talking about “politicians.” Of course, we know she was talking about everyone in Canada who has a different view than her, as she regularly smears all opponents as “deniers.”

You can watch the interview below:

It’s total arrogance that further reveals the mindset of the Trudeau government: They think any dissent is illegitimate and unacceptable, and they have total disdain for democracy and accountability.

That’s why they must be punished in the 2019 election.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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