BRAGGIN’ BOB: Ontario Liberal MPP Bob Delaney Brags About Tripling Provincial Debt, Says “We’re Proud Of It”

Ontario MPP Bob Delaney makes fool of himself after denying report that he bragged about massive increase to Ontario’s debt, until it was reported that his remarks were recorded on tape.

Liberal MPP Bob Delaney is backtracking big time after being caught bragging about how the Ontario Liberals have overseen an explosion in Ontario’s debt.

Ontario is now the most indebted sub-sovereign jurisdiction on earth, and Delaney apparently thinks it’s a good thing:

Here’s what Delaney said:

“We have tripled (the debt) and we’re proud of it, because we can afford it. It’s the responsible thing to do. It’s the correct thing to do. It’s what people have asked us to do and I would do it again and do it proudly.”

Delaney also called a question about the debt “bullshit,” and then told Mississauga News reporter Grame Frisque that he never said it, before having to admit “it was my recollection that was incorrect” since the comments were recorded on tape.

Clearly, Delaney has an interesting interpretation of the word “responsible,” since few people (aside from Kathleen Wynne), would call a massive increase in the debt the “responsible” thing to do.

Of course, nobody doubts Delaney when he says he “would do it again and do it proudly,” since the Ontario Liberals seem determined to leave the people of Ontario burdened with as much debt as possible.

As PC Finance Critic Vic Fedeli said, “This is just another example of why Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are untrustworthy.”

While Delaney made a fool of himself, the fact is that he represents what Kathleen Wynne really believes: No amount of debt is too much if it can be used to get a few more votes.

That belief is proving dangerous and costly to Ontario, and all of Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Voss

He handed Ford a wonderful gift going into the election.

Shawn Harris

The most obvious problem with debt, is that at some point in time it must be fully repaid. If any individual defaults on any amount of secured debt and even unsecured debt, your creditors can petition you into bankruptcy. Now think about that for a minute, with size of the Ontario debt, being the world’s largest sub sovereign debt, what do you or anyone think will happen, pretty cary isn’t it. First off, if Ontario was to default upon its debt, then the creditors would be seizing assets, and forcing some very draconian measures upon all Ontarians, imagine extremely and… Read more »

Moe S.

How bold of the Liberal overlords bragging in public about how proud to have saddled Ontarians with massive debt. According to Benjamin Dashis, C.D. Howe Institute Ontario’s interest-expense costs in a couple of years will increase to a staggering 22% of revenues. The Ont. debt costs will take up an enormous share of total gov’t revenue. Ontario’s health care liability estimate will be 1.4 trillion. Bob Delaney, the train that is about to decimate you and Grandma Wynne’s Liberals is just around the corner.


Hopefully all Canada’s newcomers have heard this, a lot of people came here to try and make their home here, as the countries a lot of them came from, were doing the same things Ontario and Canda’s Lieberals are doing now and they know what the fall out is. Talking to a Syrian gentleman who moved in our neighborhood and he was telling us he can already see that Canada will be the next war unless we stop the “power” the same one that destroyed his country. He is working on his English, but these people understand better than we… Read more »

Miles Lunn

This literally writes an attack for itself. It’s almost as though he wants the PCs to win is this is a perfect attack ad clip. Although probably being how arrogant and out of touch he is, he somehow thought this would help him.