CRAZY: Radical Carleton University Leftists Call Gandhi “Racist” & “Misogynist,” Want Statue Removed

The insanity of the left has now reached the point at which they are trying to remove Gandhi from history. They won’t stop until all of history has been wiped out and re-written in accordance with their sick worldview.

Every time it seems the radical left can’t get even more insane, along comes a new story.

The latest is taking place at Carleton University, where radical leftists are demanding that a statute of Gandhi be removed.

As reported by Vice, the head of Carleton’s African Studies Student Association called for the removal of Gandhi’s statue in an article, and the issue appears to be coming up again on the campus. Here are some excerpts of the article that was put in Carleton’s student newspaper:

“Yet, it is insufficient to state the obvious about Gandhi without questioning the legacy of the man we have collectively placed on a moral pedestal. Gandhi was a racist. He utilised anti-Black racism as a weapon to bargain with the British about the subjugation of Indians living in South Africa. Instead of a pacifist liberator, he actually furthered the entrenchment of the caste system in India as well.”

The article also called called Gandhi a misogynist:

“Moreover, Gandhi’s sordid ideas extended to his beliefs about women. In addition to being an anti-Black racist, he was also a sexual predator and misogynist who viewed women’s sexuality with contempt and disgust.”

Disturbingly, the article then calls for “correcting” history:

“The removal of the statue is one way of correcting that history and re-thinking the narratives we tell—especially in an institution responsible for creating critical thinkers. Gandhi was a violent man. His proximity to whiteness as one who continually espoused anti-Black rhetoric is, perhaps, one of the reasons behind his apotheosis. Remove the Gandhi statue.”

Of course, while I support the freedom of people to write what they want, the article is total garbage, and it pushes the radical leftist view that all historical figures must be judged by our current standards, ignoring all context, and choosing to believe only the worst opinion on those figures while ignoring the positive aspects.

Obviously, Gandhi was not perfect, yet he led a non-violent movement to bring independence to hundreds of millions of people. Gandhi set an example that was replicated by many, including Martin Luther King Jr. who used many of Gandhi’s tactics to lead a non-violent movement for Civil Rights in the United States.

Yet, the writer of the article somehow thinks it makes sense to call Gandhi “violent.” It’s insanity.

To bow down to some pathetic fool leftists and remove Gandhi’s statue would be a total disgrace, and another sign that our society is crumbling through the terrible influence of the radical left.

As noted by Vice, retired professor Hans Bakker has pushed back on the Gandhi rhetoric:

“The idea that Gandhi’s racial attitudes are somehow not up to par for 2018 is a difficult argument to sustain in any meaningful manner,” says Hans Bakker, a retired professor of sociology at the University of Guelph, who has written extensively about Gandhi and edited the 1993 book Gandhi and the Gita. “Anyone who claims to somehow be superior to Gandhi in terms of race relations should go live in a situation as fraught with danger and then live up to the highest ideals.””

While Carleton University says they have no plans as yet to remove the statute, the history of universities bowing down to the most radical voices doesn’t bode well.

Unless common sense people fight back against radical left attempts to destroy history and “correct” it, then our society will be irrevocably lost.

Consider the reasonable thoughts from Acadia University Professor Rick Mehta – who brings a balanced perspective rarely seen at universities these days:

The radical left have shown themselves unwilling to really debate the issues, and Mehta is correct that their demands will never be met since they will just keep asking for more. The second they get power, they try to wipe out everything they disagree with, and silence anyone who dissents – exactly what we’re seeing from the radical leftists in the Trudeau government. The sick ideology emanating from many universities is now infecting the federal government, with dire consequences for us all.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Tommy Hawk

Any sane response cannot/will not be either understood, or tolerated.

But this is as good a place as any to say: Out ‘institutions of education’ have been altered and are now: “Institutions of indoctrination.”


Too funny and the radical left are free of any crimes-the term extrême-gauche (“far-left”) is a generally accepted term for political groups that position themselves to the left of the Socialist Party, such as Trotskyists, Maoists, anarcho-communists and New Leftists.

Peter Black

Gerald Butts a radical leftist English lit and past exec at McGill and Trudeau classmate is unelected and has Trudeau by the balls. A typical leftist academic in a formidable powerful position

Major Tom

Remove it! The original history describes the man as a sex pervert with blood on his hands!

Wendy Lush

Don’t these folks have anything better to do with their time – like, I don’t know, train for a career..?


I cant wait for them to cover the case of Muhammed. It would be of the greatest interest since he was the most vile human being of all history.


Big leftest greedy, divisive, power in government (Lieberal/NDP sepratist) with no care for the centrally political people (now only Conservative) force radical left people to riot for unfair everything, but no ones life is always fair. Ghandi was killed by his own people, had too much power in the end, did bad things, he was not Canadian, but many who arrived here thought he was important for peace in the world? So he became part of our history, thus the statue? Maybe these people who do not understand history, really need real history lessons, then they would understand, then think,… Read more »


I am a Carleton graduate (..70), …if my university bows to this idiocy, …I will never again wish to admit to that! …How in the name of God can we put a stop to this madness, ..where are these university folk getting all these stupid ideas?
A message to these people, …this is a valuable time of your life, …find something useful to contribute, …and stop this ideological nonsense!!!!

Brian Mellor

The buffoon group getting ready to join the Liberals.