PHOTOS: Doug Ford Meets With Small Businesses & Workers, Emphasizes Job Creation

Doug Ford’s focus on helping people find financial independence through good jobs is a stark contrast from Kathleen Wynne’s approach of massive debt and government control.

Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford visited with Ontario small businesses and workers, pledging to work to ensure that people can find jobs.

Here’s what Ford said on Twitter:

“Now, more than ever, it is important to support Ontario’s small businesses. I will work day in, day out, to make sure Ontario is open for business, and that people who want a job, have a job.”

“This morning I visited a family-owned business in Mississauga. Their story is one of hard work, determination and success. I promise to work with Ontario businesses to make sure this story is the norm, not the exception.”

Photos from Ford’s visits with small businesses can be seen below:

Ford puts trust in the people, Wynne trusts politicians

It’s clear to see the difference in priorities between Ford and Wynne:

Wynne always approaches things from the perspective of the government being in control, with more debt, higher taxes, and more spending always being the answer. She only trusts money and power when it’s in the hands of politicians.

By contrast, Ford has trust that people can succeed and achieve great things when they have the resources to do so. And a big part of having those resources is about taxpayers keeping more of their own money, and businesses being free to grow and create jobs.

Under Kathleen Wynne, that growth is tougher than ever, as high taxes and high energy prices make it more and more impossible for businesses to succeed.

That’s why more and more people can see that upcoming election will be a choice between the opportunity for prosperity under Ford, or a further slide into debt, stagnation, and decline under Wynne.

Spencer Fernando

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