REPORT: After Trudeau Blocks Testimony, Scheer Accepts National Security Briefing On Atwal Scandal

Scheer wants the media and all Conservative MPs to be given a briefing on non-classified info to ensure transparency.

Andrew Scheer says he will now accept a national security briefing regarding the India conspiracy theory pushed by the Trudeau government.

Scheer’s decision comes after the Trudeau government once again ditched their rhetoric on “openness” and “transparency” and refused to let national security advisor Daniel Jean testify.

The Trudeau government was caught making statements that didn’t match up, saying Jean couldn’t testify about the conspiracy theory because it was classified, yet admitting that Jean told the theory to the media, while also claiming he didn’t share classified info with the media.

As a result, the invite to Scheer seemed like a trap, which he appears to be trying to mitigate by saying that he wants Conservative MPs and the media to be invited to the briefing to hear the non-classified parts.

Here’s what the Conservatives said in a statement:

“The Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, the Honourable Andrew Scheer, today responded to the offer of a briefing concerning the incident that saw a convicted attempted murderer attend official events during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s trip to India. Mr. Scheer has accepted the offer and has informed the government that he will invite members of the Conservative caucus and media to the portion of the briefing that will cover non-classified information.

“In correspondence with my Chief of Staff, the government confirmed that the information provided to journalists by Daniel Jean was not classified. In addition, the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness confirmed that the information provided to the media by the National Security Advisor did not contain classified information,” said Scheer.

“Given these admissions, I believe it is appropriate for all members of the Conservative caucus to be present for the briefing and I will invite them to attend. I will also invite members of the media who were present for the original briefing with the National Security Advisor.”

Mr. Scheer informed the government that if it had any additional classified information to share, members of the Conservative Caucus who are also members of the Queen’s Privy Council will remain in the room for a separate briefing.

“Justin Trudeau has failed to be honest with Canadians about why a convicted attempted murderer was invited to his official events in India. The Prime Minister blamed rogue elements within the Indian government for Jaspal Atwal’s presence in India, but since that time, the Indian government, Randeep Sarai, Jaspal Atwal and the Minister of Foreign Affairs have all refuted Justin Trudeau’s claims.”

“It’s becoming clear why Justin Trudeau is going to such lengths to cover-up the details of his trip to India. Just last week it was revealed that a Liberal Member of Parliament, who gets paid by a construction company in Brampton, secured access for his business partner to meet with the Prime Minister, the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities and the Minister responsible for economic development.”’

Spencer Fernando

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Great move….. don t give him too much time to prepare …we will see how much blundering this exercise will produce

Tommy Hawkt

There must always be some confusion with governments — I think most of us understand that reality.

However, with this government, it is not just ‘confusion,’ it is ‘managed denial,’ a totally different thing and a very dangerous thing.

I will await Mr. Scheer’s comments before comment further.

Maria D

I am disappointed in Scheer caving in like that. It is time for Scheer to develop some backbone instead of being a Liberal lite. I saw Candice Bergen’s response to this issue and it was much more appropriate. There should be the application of pressure for Jean to disclose as he has already spoken to the press. It is time to stop playing games.


I agree; Mr.Scheer has to be just a little bit “tougher” given the insanity he is forced to deal with on behalf of all Canadians…

Terry Black

Maria I look at what Leader of the opposition Scheer and Candice Bergen are doing is team work! That is the thing with this Conservative Party Andrew is the Leader however, they are all leaders’ as in a team! Just as in hockey this works better that one person being a Puck hog all the time – the Liberals’ never know from day to day whose way of asking questions’ is going to be applied on them! Good strategy! As the Conservatives all want to get to the same place Regardless!

chris malmstrom

That’s why Scheer wants the press to attend, so they can agree that they were told exactly that, or that items were added or omitted. I think it’s an investigative approach, not a cave in. The Canadian taxpayers have a right to know, and I think he’ll keep up the pressure until the truth is revealed.

Tommy Hawk

“Openness” and “transparency” are two words with absolutely no known meaning to the Liberal mentality because they believe that they and only they have the power and the capability of deciding either or both of those words.

So, while at the time they appeared meaningful and acceptable they have, as have all the Liberal catch phrases finally been seen for what they are — political garbage utilized as a cover-up for their real intents.

This should also be a gain in respect and possibly the polls for Scheer — and well needed.