REVEALED: Trudeau’s #WelcomeToCanada Tweet Caused Internal Government Chaos

Virtue-signalling has a price.

It has been revealed that Justin Trudeau’s virtue-signalling Tweet apparently welcoming all refugees on Earth into Canada caused chaos within the government.

That’s according to a report by Marie-Danielle Smith, after internal government emails revealed what followed in the wake of Trudeau’s foolish outburst.

After Trudeau’s tweet, the government was sent scrambling:

‘“To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada,” Trudeau said on Twitter Jan. 28, 2017, the day after Trump put out an executive order banning refugees and visitors from Muslim-majority countries Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.”

According to the report, “International commentators wondered whether Canada was announcing it would take in all those banned from entering the U.S. Some Canadian officials wondered about that too, according to records the National Post obtained through an access-to-information request.”

The Mexican embassy asked for help in an email, saying they needed “guidance” on how to deal with the spike in people making refugee enquiries after Trudeau’s tweet.

An official at the Mexican embassy said “I am seeking official guidance/response from Ottawa on how to address refugee enquiries following all the publicity around the US ban on some nationalities, and our Prime Minister’s tweet on welcoming refugees.” 

The official noted that many of the refugee enquiries were “clearly having links with our Prime Minister’s tweet this weekend.”

They also said, “A number of clients are asking if it is true that Canada will accept the refugees the US are rejecting, and what is the process to do so. … I would imagine that missions all around the world are seeing these enquiries increasing since the weekend.”

The initial talking points from the government shows how totally caught off guard everyone was. One of the official lines was “We are working with the United Nations Refugee Agency, U.S. officials and our missions abroad to clarify the current situation and determine what our next steps might be.”

That’s just a different way of saying “We have no idea what the hell is going on.”

Virtue-signalling has a price

As we saw after Trudeau’s Tweet, there was a surge of illegal border crossings, which the government encouraged with their weak response.

This caused serious concern in border communities, put stress on our social services, and could have long-term implications for security, since many people may have sneaked into our country unbeknownst to anyone.

And now we know that there was chaos within the government – and who knows what really happened when everyone was scrambling.

All because Justin Trudeau wanted to virtue-signal on the world stage to get some positive foreign press.

Spencer Fernando

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P. Bahry

As a senior and born in Canada.. Coming from ancestors that worked the land.. With never any currency demands and not acknowledged as striving citizens of yore as well.. Where is our payment and aide. No decent old age pension to compensate the tax increases. Money grabbing PM and MPs.. Squandering tax payers money. And destroying our freedoms and making Canada a land of crimminals. No freedoms left for my children and grandchildren.. A mean spirited heartless PM. No processed thinking. Self absorbed and devious. Not for people that put him in that seat. Not on your own steam did… Read more »

Frank Fata

I agree with P. Bahry 110 %. We came from Western Europe after the war in 1956. We asked NOTHING from the Canadian government. Nothing !!! We sponsored each other, helped families to assimilate, provided food, clothing and shelter until they got on their feet. Today, trudeau and his gang of incompetents are opening up the taxpayers’ vault and giving money away like it’s confetti. You can’t make anything up with these buffoons. I just can not believe the people out there who support and defend the actions of this light weight pm. Seriously folks !!!


well said agreed 100%


Hundreds have likely entered Canada illegally and in most cases are being hidden within their ethnic enclaves. So much for becoming Canadian or for Trudeau’s bull turd diversity. Trudeau and his Liberals are very dangerous. Liberal backbenchers are being painted with the same brush with Canadians thinking of them with the same disgust we have of the few Liberal elites. Liberal Backbenchers are there to stand and sit when they are told and at times are considered less valued than dirt. They would do well to quietly consider walking across the floor to join with Canadians who actually respect Canada… Read more »


He really is a total incompetent. To boot, he’s too arrogant a left wing ideologue to learn the job before destroying the country.


I can’t seem to get any information through the freedom of information…
my last request has been given a two year response time!
How do you do it Spence?


Diversity is strength, war is peace. please wake me up from this nightmare, is Trudeau even a human being or just a pre programmed robot

Ann Harris

Robot or puppet!
Soros and the UN one world order agenda are the puppeteers. Here’s a reminder of what Trudeau said shortly after becoming PM……
He really meant these words in the article……. “Canada will become the first ‘post-national state’ in a one world order.
This means taking away Canada’s sovereignty!!!

Ivan Hawkes

Actually Justin is a simple puppet for the globalist movement who intend to drive Canada into the poor house of debt slavery forever. Justin GAVE AWAY COUNTLESS BILLIONS, cut social programs, increased our cost of living with newly created taxes, drives away investment and business, and borrows billions of dollars with compounding interest. His intention is to follow the agenda handed down to him from his masters abroad. Canada has to pay one million dollars per hour (no exaggeration) just to maintain our national debt. Look up the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and click on the “debt clock”. You might want… Read more »


Trudeau, with this behaviour, is like a teenager who goes behind his parents back to do some naughty act that will have grave consequences. We know from journalists’ reports that more than 50% of the illegal immigrants have criminal antecedents. Furthermore, Trudeau went against our ally, the US, instead of supporting Trump. Now because of his stupid irresponsible actions, Trudeau has jeopardized NAFTA and our relationship with the US which is very important to CANADIANS. Trudeau is always speaking in our name, the Canadians, with lies. Whatever Trudeau says Canadians want is ALWAYS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT CANADIANS WANT. We… Read more »


What makes me very angry is that Trudeau chose women rookies MPs who compose 50% of his cabinet. He has chosen women who are not feminist, who are “Yes Man” and have no backbone. He thought he was clever but we know that his intentions was to weaken any opposition within his cabinet. The results today is disastrous. Most of his MP men are also “Yes Man” who coward behind him. As for M 103 the Liberal MPs have voted in favour and THEY DIDNT HAVE A CLUE OF WHAT IT MEANT. The smart MPs voted NO and at least… Read more »

Ann Harris

We MUST remember Trudeau’s ultimate goal.
Canada becoming the ‘first post-national state in a one world order’, as he professed in an article early in his career as PM…..

If he pulls it off and it would seem he’s well on track, Canada will loose it’s “SOVEREIGNTY”. Imagine the world without a “CANADA”?

Shawn Harris

A contrast in prime ministers, Harper was a principled and dedicated prime minister that believed that your first duty as prime minister is to the security of the nation and the safety of its citizens. Trudeau believes that we should embrace those who want us dead, “as they would be a powerful voice for change”, and that Canada is a post national state without borders as proven by his tweets, that all refugees should come to Canada as they would be embraced by us all. Harper stood up to dictators, Putin, Iran and others, whereas Trudeau has decided it’s perfectly… Read more »