Conservatives Slam Trudeau Liberals For Intolerance Towards Canadians With Different Views Than Justin

It’s quite clear that Trudeau’s “diversity is strength” talking point doesn’t extend to those who see things differently than he does.

The Conservatives are slamming the Trudeau government for their intolerance towards ideological diversity.

Above a video showing a recent example of the government showing total contempt and arrogance towards Canadians who happen to have a different view than Justin Trudeau, the Conservatives write “Against the Liberal carbon tax? Liberals have no time for you.”

The comments are based upon a video which shows Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, arrogantly saying she had “no time” for people who disagree with the carbon tax during an interview with Evan Solomon. Solomon even had to point out to McKenna that it’s her job to be open to people with different viewpoints.

On Twitter, Scheer also referred to the comments made by widely-hated Finance Minister Bill ‘Moneybags’ Morneau, who called Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt a “neanderthal,” after Raitt correctly pointed out how the 2018 budget was full of meaningless virtue-signalling while being totally empty of ideas.

“Finance Minister says a strong Conservative woman asking him tough questions is a “Neanderthal”. Environment Minister says she “has no time” for Canadians who disagree with a carbon tax. Trudeau’s lack of tolerance for those who have different views is astounding,” said Scheer.

If you haven’t seen McKenna’s remarks, you can view the clip below:

Liberal intolerance is rising

The Trudeau Liberals love to act like they are the most ‘tolerant’ political party ever to exist, yet their supposed ‘tolerance’ only extends to those who agree with them.

If you have a different opinion from Trudeau you get denounced as a ‘racist,’ a ‘sexist,’ an ‘Islamophobe,’ a ‘denier,’ a ‘neanderthal,’ and more.

That kind of Trudeau Liberal Intolerance is anti-democratic and anti-Canadian, and the Conservatives are right to be speaking out against it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Civil Civilian

No pipeline no coal no anti carbonists no sands so what in the world is going to power Canada

Ana Gomes

To power Canada? the energy that Trudy produces with idiotic and constant Hot Air plus the animosity his Gang stirs up among Canadians , whom the incompetent ministers and the obsessive Prime Mistake keep on insulting, not even hiding their subversive agendas of betrayal and corruption ENOUGH.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH .AND CANADA IS BETTER THAN YOU, we all are better than YOU, little potato PM. What you call Liberals do not even know what Liberalism means. It does not have to mean only Corruption and Debauchery, as spending is concerned, and destruction of the freedoms we grew up with.You ,PM, should… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

This is precisely the Liberal attitude — was the same with Trudeau 1, as so many of us remember will — and with equal disgust.

Nothing has changed, except the socks.

T Ruiter

This getting way out of line, are there any responsible liberals, or do any of them have any brains???? By the sound and looks, all of them need to be in a mental hospital.

Ana Gomes

YOU LOOK AT THE BOBBLE HEADS BEHIND THE PRIME MISTAKE, in the HOUSE, and take your pick. Do you see, there, anybody deserving the respect of Canadians or do you see only serfs to the power of another, even crazier and more narcissistic ,Trudeau? The same for the Canadian Media. Why do they all accept the unacceptable and tolerate the intolerable? Does that have to do with their inner selves? Or is that only the reflection of the Master’s power? It is the Dear Leader Syndrome of the Supremacist Communist. That is what you find in the “Liberal” crowd we… Read more »

Moe S.

Just another example of one of Trudeau’s cabinet ministers with TIN EARS. 50% of Trudeau’s gov’t made up of women. Only 20% were actually elected. The women were not necessarily chosen for their competence, but rather on racial, ethnic, and gender identity. Canadian women everywhere should cringe every time McKenna attempts to answer simplified questions put to her.

Shawn Harris

Arrogance, deceit, thy name is Trudeau and with with Trudeau comes his close cousins condescension,paternalism, and narcissism. The very things people despise in others are found in abundance with Trudeau and his gender balanced caucus. But have no fear, for the Liberals only have your best interests at heart as long as you are willing to sacrifice your freedoms of speech, thought and association on the Liberal altar of political correctness and identity politics. Trudeau will defend you with his shield of false virtuousness and his strong sword of diversity. He will slay those who challenge his power with the… Read more »


Those companies and organizations that refused to blindly give in to the Liberal blackmail regarding abortion, or who don’t accept the Liberal garbage about the climate changing all need to try to convince their staff, volunteers, and client’s families not to vote Liberal. Personally, I would go as far as “requesting” that my Summer staff and Kid’s Camp families “volunteer” to sign a promise not to vote Liberal in order to qualify for a Summer job or attendance at Camp. Make it very clear – Liberal supporters are not welcome here. Throw their attitude right back at them. They would… Read more »

Miles Lunn

I unlike most here support a carbon tax provided it is revenue neutral, but still think what she said was very arrogant. While Trudeau only got 39%, the Saskatchewan Party got 62% so Scott Moe is just representing most in his province. If they disagree with him on the carbon tax they can vote him out in 2020, but it is up to voters of Saskatchewan not Catherine McKenna to make this decision. With Doug Ford and Jason Kenney, they have yet to face the electorate and again voters will decide and in the case of the latter she has… Read more »


Are McKenna or Trudeau 2 real? Their obtuse points of view are very much un-Canadian. Both need to educate themselves on climate change. They havent listened to the knowledgeable scientists, it is obvious. Sucking money for carbon tax with ZERO results is complete insanity.

Wendy Lush

Lots of good comments here.

Shawn Harris, well said. You and I (and many other Canadians) think alike.