Enbridge Selling Up To $2 BILLION In Canadian Assets

Enbridge has reportedly hired Royal Bank of Canada to help them sell billions in assets located in B.C. and Alberta.

There’s more evidence of the struggle facing Canada’s energy industry, and the overall collapse in investment under the failing Trudeau government.

Bloomberg is reporting that Enbridge is seeking to sell Western Canadian assets worth up to $2 billion, and have hired RBC to facilitate the process.

According to the report, “The package of assets, located across British Columbia and Alberta, was owned by Spectra Energy Corp., which agreed to be acquired by Enbridge in 2016 for about $29 billion.”

This is in addition to an earlier plan by Enbridge to divest in $10 billion in assets overall, including another $3 billion in assets from their onshore renewable and their gas midstream businesses.

According to Bloomberg data, shares in Enbridge are down a full 27% since September of 2016.

Energy industry struggles under big-government regulations

The move by Enbridge to sell even more assets is yet another sign of how badly the Trudeau government is hurting the energy industry, and the overall investment climate in our country.

The market is all about trends and confidence, and the trend in the energy industry is moving clearly in one direction: Companies are trying to reduce their exposure to Canada, and investment is falling. This overall investment environment has serious negative consequences for our economic prospects.

People are seeing that it is now nearly impossible to get pipelines approved, the carbon tax makes doing business more expensive, and uncertainty is having a devastating effect on investment. This creates an overall mindset that discourages investment, especially when compared to our neighbour to the south, a point made in a recent baystreet.ca report:

“Tim McMillan, Chief Executive Officer of CAPP, said the sector is seeing companies, including Canadian firms, looking at allocating more capital dollars in the U.S. while investment in Canada is decreasing. In fact, Canada’s top energy customer is now its leading energy competitor, he said.

“That’s almost adding gasoline to a fire that’s already burning,” Mr. McMillan said of the recent U.S. tax reforms. “They are beating us on regulatory times. They are beating us on tax policy, on capital cost write offs. It is across the board.”’

As a result, we can expect more announcements of companies selling assets in Canada – both in the energy sector and across the board – until we get a government that is actually willing to support the Canadian energy industry and create an investment climate that provides confidence in future growth.

Spencer Fernando

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Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Trudeau has to Go!! Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Trudeau has to Go!! Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Trudeau has to Go!! Trudeau needs to step down or revert the whole Carbon Tax idea. Its a terrible tax and this post is the proof, Next will be the Auto Industry Just like Australia. I said it before and I said it again, If the whole world isn’t adding a carbon tax then why the hell are we? Plus China just announced they are building 700 new Coal plants. Canada could go Carbon free completely and we still wouldn’t… Read more »


Not going to happen my friend! Not as long the media traitors can help and protect him by keeping his damage to canadians from being aired.

Tommy Hawkt

This is just another ‘break the back of Canada” ideologies of the Liberal government and must be brought to a screeching halt — and soon. My dictionaries all clearly define the actions of this government in their continuing attack on the citizens of this country with their excessive policies and ‘treason,’ and I have yet to find a dictionary that does not make that definition. This brings us to an interesting spot in our history — is there a lawyer anywhere in Canada with the integrity and the capabilities, plus the willingness to so state publicly — and the sad… Read more »


This is pretty painfully twisting facts to anyone that actually knows about Enbridge(the avg. ENB investor). They finished an M&A in early 2017, and issued a ton of new shares(which lowered their earning per share), and debt to pay for that M&A, as well they took on the debt of the M&A target. Also near the end of 2017 they issued more shares(again lowering their earning per share) in an effort to lower their debt because rating agencies were threatening to lower their credit rating. All of this has caused the share price of Enbridge to go down, and it… Read more »


Regardless of ENB motivations to protect value for their shareholders, the point is that Trudeau cares less for Canada’s shareholders (its taxpayers and patriots). As Canada’s CEO, Trudeau clings to power despite destroying shareholder value. He must step down or be removed by the Liberal Party. He has destroyed an already weak Liberal Party brand. The Liberals are Canada’s version of US Demcrats. Trudeau is like Adam Schiff or Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi. National security has been jeopardized by his government through his immigration/open borders policy and his economic policy which have driven debt to levels that risk our… Read more »


Thanks JT … destroying Canada one step at a time, just like daddy.
You must be so proud !!!


Just a theory on my part; Perhaps backers of the Liberals were hoping exactly for this sort of thing to happen in conjunction to making it difficult to do business while at the same time while the government is helping foreign oil.


As O’Leary said, money and investment aren’t political or virtue signaling. CEO’s aren’t paid millions just for the chance of a selfie with a crooked Liberal. Their first loyalty is to investors. Canada is now about #65 on the list of 94 countries that are good places to invest. There are 64 better places. Trudeau, Morneau, barbie, Butts and the rest of the Liberal elite have companies and investors running away before Canada fails. I don’t blame them. Carbon taxes, pandering to environmental terrorists and jihadists who only want to ravage this country, gifting valued Canadian companies to the Communist… Read more »




What is going to happen is Trudeau is indirectly forcing companies to sell their assets so the chinese and arabs will buy them. Then Trudeau is planning to re-activate all the activity in those sectors.

bj stewart

Could there be something more sinister be going on here. Gut Canada jobs and investments to the point that we would welcome the chance to be gobbled up by the USA. It is either the usa or China is already creeping across this land. After all , a New World Order is the ultimate goal of the globalists. World government and no borders. Very scary,

Ivan Hawkes

Go to a site called the “Canadian Taxpayers Federation” and once there, click on the debt clock. Just making payments to maintain the debt interest is costing Canadians a million dollars per hour, every hour. That’s 24 million per day if I’m not wrong. It’s likely higher than that. Government spending at city level, provincial level, and especially federal level is far beyond outrageous and insane. Driving Canadians into debt slavery into the far far distant future seems to be a desired goal of so called governance. Borrowed money comes with compounding interest, and borrowing fits the mentality of irresponsible… Read more »


What we need are good fearless reporters to follow jihadi judtin wherever he goes to ask very serious questions in front of all foreign reporters without batting an eyelid. Serious questions like
” who gives you the right to allow terrorists to keep their citizenships while putting your citizens at risk and why are you allowing ISIS into canada , giving them special treatment without any regards to the safety of canada.”?

A.A. Burley

Why wouldn’t you sell off and get out of Dodge, when the Sherriff is out of the country after visits in Protestville and then Fort Mac. These protesters need to have a look at the advancements in the technology of the OILSANDS, and maybe have a look at the people that are working every day, regardless of the weather. Have some of these protesters try and work 10 hours in the weather we are having this week in Alberta. They would then realize the work these people have to do, to provide for their families. Then maybe visit a children’s… Read more »