FAIL: After Trudeau’s Disaster Trip, India Bans Canadian Seal Imports

It just keeps getting worse.

India has banned seal imports, closing off a once-promising export market for Canada.

The ban comes in the wake of Justin Trudeau’s trip to India – a trip widely believed to be among the worst ever foreign junkets by a Canadian leader.

As reported by the Mumbai Mirror, the Humane Society International/India was pleased to hear about the ban – making specific reference to Canada:

“HSI India managing director NG Jayasimha said, “We are delighted that our persuasion for four years for the ban had yielded results. With dwindling world markets for seal products, the Canadian sealing industry is counting on countries like India and China to import the seal fur, oil and meat that other nations refuse to buy and I am glad that India has chosen compassion over cruelty. We are certain that this choice will be the last nail in the coffin for the sealing industry.”

Of course, the government should have been pushing back against these attacks on an important Canadian industry.

As Conservative MP Robert Sopuck pointed out, it’s just the latest example of how Trudeau’s trip to India was a total disaster:

“Justin Trudeau’s trip to India was a disaster. Instead of increasing trade or opening markets, after Trudeau’s trip the Indian government actually banned Canadian seal…”

As was pointed out on Twitter, this will have a real negative impact on many Canadians who count on the industry for their livelihoods:

This decision by India shows Trudeau’s lack of clout – which was already becoming obvious with how he was snubbed at the airport – being greeted by India’s agricultural minister rather than the PM.

It’s an important reminder that while Trudeau may have a big international following on his Twitter account, he lacks the ability to actually get results for Canadians (not that he cares anyway).

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Dave Bainard

I’m still waiting for seal meat at the local grocery stores.

William Goddu

As it stands the requirement for these animals young deaths and I am not against its local use for a food source and such that it can or does sustain in the region but should be a very limited or a non used resource in the light of the new tech with mushroom leather as these are made even better than a hide of animal can incur therefore the need in this sense is why I say very limited use thereof. This opens a market that could also be used by this region for jobs in that market. Just my… Read more »

William Goddu

Also like Dave Baird said above. Would be a nice to have a small market in Canada on special meats as this.


Watch Turdo and some sycophant minister
blame this on the Harper govt.

Ana Gomes

Canadians should understand that if it is a sin to kill seals, it is equally sinful to kill chickens , cows , ants and elephants, plus…any living plant, or any other item that you consume in one way or another, including minerals and rocks.. In what way should we discriminate what we can consume in a state of grace ? Or else, do not consume at all!! That is what we must tell our heavy headed Prime Mistake who is so afraid of climate change that he decided to take all his polluting vacations one after the other, not giving… Read more »


love this post


This is a very controversial and emotional subject. Nothing good about beating the baby seals to death for their pelts and monetary gain. Perhaps it’s time we start beating the Liberals the best way we know how.


Where are the ‘ idle no mores’ rallies or tor that matter, chief PERRY BELGARDE to speak out for those natives who rely on seal sale for their livelihood or the aboriginal mps? I guess they are cowards.
Canada is falling at every area of businesses possible and Jihadi justin and his media are very happy with the outcome.

Wendy Lush

There’s been a miscommunication; India’s diplomatic corp meant to ban Trudeau. After all, he does look like a seal.

Or a praying mantis.

(sorry, peopletis)


Sounds like he’s Canada’s o-bama.

Miles Lunn

I agree Trudeau’s trip was unhelpful but unfortunately the animal rights groups are extremely powerful and well financed globally so tough to fight against. We had this problem with the EU banning seal products under Harper even though Harper had good relations with most EU leaders. What is really needed is for our government to do a better job of showing the seal hunt is as humane as slaughterhouses are so unless you are a vegetarian (which in India is actually very high, I believe the highest in the world) you are being a hypocrite if you are okay eating… Read more »


India and China were the 2 biggest markets after dozens of countries banned seal products. India was going to import seal oil, meat and fur. Not true India eats little meat, I was there and it’s mostly Hindus who don’t eat meat but many now do. In short, one less place to dump these cruel products and I couldn’t be happier. The Hypocrisy thing is a cop-out, we should stop animal suffering where we see it and just because people are still eating meat doesn’t mean we should allow animal cuelty everywhere.

chris malmstrom

Thanx alot DICKtator Trudoh, you have proven, again, what an embarrassment you are to Canada, on the world stage. Not that we had seal meat at our local stores, but there was a market for it abroad…WAS.


No sign of Grand Chief BELGARDE to speak out for his people who depend on the seal exports for their livelihood. Where is he?

Mike Rios

Tell me it isn’t so! I thought he was the Barak Obama of Canada! At least someone in India has common sense.
Hey, Canada elected this tool. They need to learn to live with it.

Elizabeth Thorne

Ironic–How much money has the Trudeau government spent worldwide in support of killing babies? What a bloody, double standard the left loons have.