LIBERALS CAVE: Government Agrees To Scheer’s Demand For National Security Advisor To Brief All MPs

A win for Scheer in the showdown over the scandal surrounding Justin Trudeau’s disastrous India trip.

It looks like the Liberals have blinked in their showdown with Andrew Scheer over the Atwal scandal.

The Trudeau government has agreed to the demand from Scheer to have National Security Advisor Daniel Jean brief MPs about the India conspiracy theory.

The government had wanted to only give Scheer a classified briefing – meaning he wouldn’t have been able to talk about what he was told. Yet, they faced a huge credibility problem after they couldn’t explain why Scheer needed a classified briefing to hear the same stuff that Jean had told to the media.

After all, the government had claimed that Jean’s briefing to the media wasn’t classified, which made it clear that they were trying to trap Scheer in an effort to perpetuate the effort to cover-up what happened.

Recently, Scheer agreed to take the classified briefing, but also demanded that the government allow Jean to brief MPs on the conspiracy theory.

It’s an example of how the Conservatives have been fighting for more transparency surrounding the trip, while the Liberals have been seeking to share as little info as possible.

As noted by the CP, “Conservatives last month tried twice to force Jean to appear before that committee to testify about his assertion that rogue factions within the Indian government helped to sabotage Trudeau’s trip. They were blocked both times by the Liberal majority.”

So, while this is a win for Scheer and a win for the Canadian people who support increased government transparency, the fact still remains that it took an immense amount of pressure to make the Liberals do what they should have done from the beginning.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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