SURGE: Over 500 Illegal Border Crossers Entered Quebec Over Easter Weekend

Failure by the Trudeau government to strengthen the border has continued consequences.

There was a surge of illegal border crossers over the Easter long weekend, with at least 500 crossing into Canada illegally at Roxham Road in Quebec.

That’s according to a report from TVA Nouvelles based upon sources, and also first hand accounts from a reporter who saw illegal crossers enter Canada during an afternoon visit to the crossing.

As a result, the winter caravans the government spent $1 million on have been used for the first time. Illegal crossers were first taken to those winter caravans, and then taken to Montreal.

As the weather warms up, it is expected that there will be a renewed increase in the illegal crossings, as the 500 entering in one weekend dwarfs the 50 who reportedly crossed in January.

Trudeau government fails to secure the integrity of Canada’s border

This renewed surge in illegal crossings shows once again that the Trudeau government is purposely failing to strengthen our border.

They had months to prepare for the warmer weather, and had months to send a clear message that illegal crossings are unacceptable, but they clearly failed to do that, since the crossings are starting up again.

Obviously, Trudeau and the government don’t care about Canada having a secure and respected border, which is no surprise, considering they’re post-nationalists who think borders and patriotism are things to be eliminated.

With that in mind, Canadians are realizing that a government which can’t respect our borders is also unable to respect the citizens within those borders.

Under Trudeau, Canadians are never at the top of the priority list.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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Major Tom

A ‘post national state’ with ‘no core values’ has no borders…..
Yet, responsible citizens lock their homes and vehicles when left unattended…..


And not one of trudeau loving reporters even welcomed a few of those refugees into their own homes. But if Justin told them to take in a few into ther homes, they would not hesistate. That’s a promise!


Now, who do you think those people are going to vote for come election-time,assuming they will have a vote?
Justine will fix that up for them as well!com

Frances Gruno

Trudeau’s people are trying to pass a Bill requiring no photo I’D for voting which means they can all illegally vote. I just wonder if we’ll ever get rid of him!

christian moehling

justine needs a good old fashioned spanking which it seems was not in his parents child discipline toolbag!


I think Quebec should separate from Canada next month. This will force Turdo to win a seat elsewhere. Can’t be done. He’s gone. Easy peasy.

K Garner

Love it! Quebec is also the back door for Chinese entrance.

Moe S.

Spencer, you are supposed to use Trudeau’s politically correct term, “irregular border crossers” NOT “illegal border crossers.”lol Just because illegal immigrants walk into Canada, doesn’t mean Canadians have to take them. Similarly, just because you break into someone’s house doesn’t make you part of the family. Perhaps illegal border crossers should be required to tick the ‘attestation’ box that confirms the applicant respects Canadian laws, after which each applicant is promptly loaded onto heated buses, food & beverages (Canadians are nice after all) will be served during the trip back to the good ole U.S.A. Simplistic enough for Trudeau to… Read more »

Wendy Lush

This latest bunch is mostly Nigerians. Why Nigeria? Who knows. They do look particularly well dressed though.

Wait till spring thaw – it’ll be like lining up for a U2 concert.

What an absolute nightmare Trudeau is. I want my country back.


Not so long ago Trudeau was asked about his open borders immigration strategy.
His reply “The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me .Old stock white Canadians are an unpleasant relic and quite frankly replaceable. And we will replace them.”
True to his word he is doing his best to do exactly that.

K Garner

All that self loathing would be genuine if he relinquished his inherited fortune, got a job at McDonald’s or Walmart and began life from scratch. But he’s a hypocrite, through and through and of course he won’t.

Ana Gomes

People read and then forget. they do not like to deal with the very serious stuff, like Trudeau’s problems as a leader, or even a MP. His comments are frightening and he should not have a place in Canadian Politics. Do we, Canadians “,have time” to discuss and undo subversive stupidity? His trade mark? Well… One knows best, when one knows nothing. His strength is to buy voters and to know nothing beyond theatrical Sunny Ways, and devotions to any new god in the market.How can the serfs at CBC take this situation seriously? The problem we have in Canada… Read more »

christian moehling

according to his pretzel logik he is offended by his own ancestors behaviour i wonder what they would say about that if that were possible again a pretender in a nonsensical realm!

chris malmstrom

traitor of the people of Canada and to a once great country, which he’s dismantling each day he’s left to embarrass true Canadians. NOT a leader, but a parasite of world attention, and money that’s not his … typical Liberal.

Leonard Yamniuk

You easterners voted for him you know what you have to do.

Brian Mellor

Never has our porous borders been more advertised since Trudeau stupid childish comments against Trump’s stupid childish comments. Al Capone ran gangsters and booze across these borders but they remained relatively obscure until Jan. 23thd 2017 when a clueless idiot shot his mouth off.

Frances Gruno

Does anyone know where they came from?

Tommy Hawk

I think it may be about time to state that none of this is a surprise. In fact, it was/is expected and, indeed, is only demonstrating clearly that it is part and parcel of ‘his’ intentions to flood this country with illegals, all the while using the monies needed by Canadian veterans, the elderly, the infirm, the homeless and our health care system, coast to coast.

If his actions do not come under the definition of treason, then my dictionaries are all wrong, but I do not belief they are.


Red Alert on Bill c 75


Spencer, as canadians are unaware of this bill, take the time to listen to this tape and probably for you to address this underhanded liberal bill for your readers and listeners.


That bill is appalling!!!! Those stinking Liberals and their buffoon of a leader have GOT TO GO!!!

Thanks for posting that link Jen. I’ve emailed it to every one I know and emailed the PM, although emailing him is a futile thing to do.

Rick Bourget

Where will they work….where will they live…who will pay their medical bills , schooling , legal costs , transportation , food ????


Not a word on the news this AM or I simply missed it. CTV and CBC were concentrating on America’s need to try to secure their Mexican border from invaders. It seems Trudeau might be filtering and controlling the media in Canada and that is VERY disturbing. Re: CTV – They have a new guy on the morning edition – Jacob Brown. Does anyone have any idea what language he is speaking? Two mornings in a row now and I simply can’t understand most of what he is saying. It’s easy to change the channel as CBC is one click… Read more »


Don’t waste your time and energy worrying about all our new hate whites people, really worry about the collapse of a once good democratic nation, lets get together all of us and get rid of separatist communist Liberal/NDP Block etc government that is the only problem, as they create all the problems and Canada is collapsing.

Ana Gomes

Please, please, collect Trudeau’s idiotic statements and tweet them . Tweet and tweet again. Make people remember who he is and what he says. You do not need anything else, but his words,to defeat him in the next election, if most voters can read and are not insane. Tweet, Tweet, Tweet. It is our identity and our country we have to protect. We have to tell crazy Trudy that we are better than he will ever be. He does not like Canadians, he does not fit in, he should move out to countries that he likes like Cuba or Venezuela,… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

Failure to ensure borders are secure is a threat to the country at large.

According to my dictionaries, that meets the definition of treason — and treason is a punishable crime in law.

Rick Churchill

Our country can never be safe and secure while being controlled by Globalist Liberals.


OIC, George Soros, The Pope, The Muslim Brotherhood and the likes of Justine worldwide–There lies the problem. Traitors