SURGE: Over 500 Illegal Border Crossers Entered Quebec Over Easter Weekend

Failure by the Trudeau government to strengthen the border has continued consequences.

There was a surge of illegal border crossers over the Easter long weekend, with at least 500 crossing into Canada illegally at Roxham Road in Quebec.

That’s according to a report from TVA Nouvelles based upon sources, and also first hand accounts from a reporter who saw illegal crossers enter Canada during an afternoon visit to the crossing.

As a result, the winter caravans the government spent $1 million on have been used for the first time. Illegal crossers were first taken to those winter caravans, and then taken to Montreal.

As the weather warms up, it is expected that there will be a renewed increase in the illegal crossings, as the 500 entering in one weekend dwarfs the 50 who reportedly crossed in January.

Trudeau government fails to secure the integrity of Canada’s border

This renewed surge in illegal crossings shows once again that the Trudeau government is purposely failing to strengthen our border.

They had months to prepare for the warmer weather, and had months to send a clear message that illegal crossings are unacceptable, but they clearly failed to do that, since the crossings are starting up again.

Obviously, Trudeau and the government don’t care about Canada having a secure and respected border, which is no surprise, considering they’re post-nationalists who think borders and patriotism are things to be eliminated.

With that in mind, Canadians are realizing that a government which can’t respect our borders is also unable to respect the citizens within those borders.

Under Trudeau, Canadians are never at the top of the priority list.

Spencer Fernando

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